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  1. Rose saves the day again!
  2. Thank you! so much, that was quick. You are my savior I promise to buy you coffee when my paycheck is in.
  3. Code Vein 21:9 please. Just available on Gamepass.

    1. Rose


      Here you go. I had the game downloaded earlier so I could work on this.

  4. I found this method to be perfect and better than yours. Using Unreal Engine injection, just follow this guide after injecting the game no need to do anything else. https://framedsc.github.io/GeneralGuides/universal_ue4_consoleunlocker.htm
  5. Hey, it's work alright but I think it zooms in a little bit, it cut off upper and lower of the screen I think. I can't see some doors at the very lower edge of the screen and when I open the item examination too.
  6. The game looks much better on ultra-widescreen. Glad I found this early.
  7. You doing great enough, not just this game I remember you. Please tell in brief how you do it so I can know why it is so hard for developers to admit they were lazy or don't care.
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