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  1. gg.deals is better than store.steampowered.com and gog.com because: 1. I can hide owned games! ("User" column, "Hide owned games" 2. I can hide games owned on other platform without need to click "played on another platform" (ignored anyway now) for every game
  2. Now I can see too, but something was wrong.
  3. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/api/appid.php?appid=288470 No page for Fable Anniversary exists, would you like to create it? https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Fable_Anniversary
  4. I have 4 DDR slots 2 PCIe slots 1 CPU slot Not insane amount, but plenty of combinations. That's not quite true, some games just need some VRAM to even start... We need to know it. Hardware recommendations can be obsolete.
  5. Interesting, but I expect to know if some integrated GPU or inexpensive GPU can reasonably (30-60 FPS) run some game. Maybe even better (120-240 FPS). In this way "just 10 GB of VRAM is enough" isn't an answer to what I want. I feel need to integrate PCGW with some game benchmark site... But I don't know one yet (YouTube is too chaotic). I also have examples of games where VRAM usage raised during development or remaster.
  6. First thank you for caring to add it. Secondly I would prefer two values: one with lowest possible in game settings and another with all best settings. VRAM usage also depends on drivers and GPU... I'm sure that sometimes just 2 values can be inaccurate, but I'm not sure how to approach this... I'm sure that just 2 values can imprecise sometimes.
  7. I forgot how my registration was and how it is now... You can safely hide your Steam and GOG account only for wish-list and collection sync. I had private Steam profile with gg.deals for years and only synced when it was needed.
  8. Referral links are better than ads IMO. Referral links don't add any extra harm when you buy things IMO.
  9. GOG and Steam sync? They also have superior page about current deals and special pages like https://gg.deals/deals/best-deals and https://gg.deals/news/?availability=1&type=6 I just don't use any other website, including isthereanydeal...
  10. If you cared enough to add protondb.com, then add lutris.net too.
  11. https://isthereanydeal.com can be useful for some, but I strongly prefer https://gg.deals now.
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