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  1. I could well be misreading "games with no speech or text-only dialogue" as being "games with no speech or (games with text-only dialogue)", but if so then quite a few other people here seem to be doing the same as I've seen more than a few mis-tagged titles based on that. Perhaps it could be better clarified as "For games with no in-game dialogue..."? As an example of another incorrectly tagged game, Ben There Dan That = a game with no speech track, just always-on text-only subtitles, yet both Audio & Localization subtitle sections are tagged as N/A. Clearly it has English subtitles. And t
  2. Apologies for bumping an old topic but as a hearing impaired gamer I find attempting to contribute to editing the Audio / Localization sections incredibly frustrating and this thread is still more relevant than ever. The editing guide seems highly contradictory in recommending simultaneously both "n/a" under Audio Settings and "True" under Localization settings for games that have text-only speech (no spoken voice), eg, a point & click adventure on the grounds that "if audio is removed then a subtitle stops being a subtitle". Aside from the fact literally everyone thinks "subtitles are non
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