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  1. Hi, I got the new version from Feb 13 2021, but the picture and 4:3 preservation don't seem to be working, except for FMVs. Do you know what might be going on here? (I'm not sure exactly what 4:3 elements you preserved.)
  2. The latest update seems to include what Windows Defender recognizes as a trojan called CryptInject? I searched it and it seems to modify the Windows registry. Is this necessary for the new version of the patch?
  3. @Steam006 Have you ever thought of implementing the features to preserve the 4:3 nature of the 2D and video elements (e.g. font, maps, FMVs) as ThirteenAG and Aero's SH3 Widescreen Fix mod does? I ultimately prefer your SH3 PC Fix due to the extra control and customization it provides, but forcing those aforementioned elements to stretch isn't ideal. I felt forced to switch. Thank you for your time. Have a great day.
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