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  1. I don't know if it might help, but at the time (back when I still played it on Windows XP) I had problems playing this game, no clue of any sort, and after a few things tried I found out that the problem was this game had a problem with the new skin I installed to modifiy the Windows inteface, so maybe it might be something like that. Did you installed something that wasn't there when it was still working? (even something that might not look related) Maybe trying to change the compatibility, disabling stuff?
  2. Hello everyone! I've been looking the page of Valkyria Chronicle https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Valkyria_Chronicles and I didn't saw listed in it the audio bug that happens when you shoot the enemy's head (or most of the time because of it, it happend to me if I shot them elsewhere if i remember correctly my last game) and after that sounds are not played or very badly. Is there a new patch or something that i missed??? By the way, it's not a bug i had when i played it on my previous computer but only on my new computer, and the difference was my old computer had a good Creat
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