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  1. [PC] Area 51 (2005) [Midway] (1xDVD) [EFIGS]\Fix:

    - Install_Winx64-FIX (DVD_version):

    - A51_Install_Patch_1_0-Winx64(Drive-Letter_D).exe

    - A51_Install_Patch_1_0-Winx64(Drive-Letter_E).exe

    - A51_Install_Patch_1_0-Winx64(Drive-Letter_F).exe

    - A51_Install_Patch_1_0-Winx64(Drive-Letter_G).exe

    - A51_Install_Patch_1_0-Winx64(Drive-Letter_H).exe

    - A51_Install_Patch_1_0-Winx64(Drive-Letter_I).exe

    - A51_Install_Patch_1_0-Winx64(Drive-Letter_J).exe

    1- Mount the image, cd or dvd. In the case of a cd or dvd image you can use Daemon Tools to mount the image in Windows.
    2.- Execute the patch taking into account the letter of the physical or virtual cd or dvd drive.
    3.- Follow the instructions of the Patch.
    4.- Enjoy!

    A51_Install_Winx64-PATCH-FIX by UCrest [4D60BB3A].7z

  2. [PC] Wolverine's  Revenge (2003) [Activision] (En,Fr,Es,It)\Language_Patch:

    This patch can be applied to the American (US) and European (UK) versions
     in English as the default language.
     How to apply?

     1.- You can use to change the language from English (Default) to Castilian Spanish (Subtitles only),
     to French (Audios and Subtitles) or in Italian (Subtitles only).
     The differences between one patch or another is only a matter of language, its structure
     is basically the same between the two patches.

     2.- Before applying any of the patches, be sure to disable Antivirus.
     Antiviruses tend to consider patches as a potential threat (actually it is a False Positive issue).
     Apply with confidence.

     3.- Enjoy the game in Spanish (Only Subtitles), French (Audios and Subtitles) or Italian (Only Subtitles).


    X2-PC_Patch_FR_1_0_x86-64bits.7z X2-PC_Patch_IT_1_0_x86-64bits.7z X2-PC_Patch_SP_1_0_x86-64bits.7z

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