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  1. 17 hours ago, Rose said:

    Thank you for reporting the issue and sharing your save files. Save 4 was very helpful in allowing me to go over the cutscene again.
    I changed more code and updated the patcher but it's a more drastic change compared to the previous, so it would be helpful if you could restore the original exe and then patch it with the latest version and tell me how it goes as you play, paying attention to the gameplay scaling as well.

    I'm attaching the before and after screenshots of the scene, though they are not of one frame.



    Thanks, Rose! I will test the new patcher on a back up I have of the .exe 🙂

  2. OK! The link is here:




    The slot 3 save: You will have to jump and grab the thing to make the water flow, then a sequence will start. After the part were Lara hides from the violent water flow the new cutscenes will trigger, then those will have pillar boxes. If you try to skip the cutscnes, you can see the pillar boxes vanishing showing you a brief full screen imagem before everything fades to black and then the game keeps on going to the next part.


    The slot 4 save: Almost the same as the 3, but I tried to make a running save to make it faster for you.


    The Slot 1 save: My oldest save, I just keep it as a memento.

    Slot 2 save: My actual save.

  3. 15 hours ago, Rose said:

    Could you share your save file and tell me what to do to reproduce the issue?
    Just to clarify though - are we talking about FMVs or cutscenes rendered by the engine in real time?

    Hi! I believe they are real time cutscenes, even more when after when it ends, Lara is trying to lit the little bonfire  the scene starts to fade to black, before all else is gone, the side bars disappears revealing the whole scene as the mod did before.


    I don't have the save anymore, I kept on playing, but after this part, things kept going normal with the mod, no  pillar box so far and I am at Gulag prision.


    I will provide you a save in a short while so you can test for yourself.

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