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  1. Didn't know, if that's the case then you're probably right. Still there are reports of such crashes before, but the inconsistency of the "symptoms" point to a crack issue indeed (I think?).
  2. But why would that be related to illegal copies now ? the game is out for some time now however the driver versions changed recently, dunno... Anyway, whatever the reason thx alot for your work 🙂
  3. For anyone having crashes whenever hitting F3 (or even the OP who can perhaps push an update for newer drivers), the fix was simple for me, I just had to roll back to an older version for my GPU driver (NVidia), I had the 445.75 one with no crashes, then I updated it to a newer version 456.71 which caused a crash whenever I hit F3, then I removed the drivers (with a tool named DDU) and installed the 445.75 back which fixed the issue.
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