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  1. I did managed to find a working copy and reuploaded it on the Files section. Btw, neither the archive.org page or the original site show a link, I just see a blank space where the link should be. I think this could be closed since it's solved, I'm waiting for approvation on the upload, meanwhile I did make a backup copy of the rar file.
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    XInput Plus v4.15.0.64 See the below for a newer version.
  3. Hi everyone! I am slowly losing my mind over trying to find a working link of Xinput plus. The original dev site has no working links, and every thread I've searched on gog / steam support forums and other sites all redirect to the developer site. The wiki itself has no working mirrors, and I'm willing to upload a working copy there for everyone if someone has a mirror or could reupload it somewhere. The original developer site is https://sites.google.com/site/0dd14lab/xinput-plus. Thanks in advance! -Ne
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