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    from https://web.archive.org/web/20180604111220/https://bitbucket.org/fk/jade-empire-stutter-fix/downloads/ ---------------------------------------- Jade Empire Stutter Fix ======================= Jade Empire has a known issue where, if your system has not been restarted for a long time (on the order of many days), the game will stutter: it will still be running at a high framerate (depending on your hardware and settings), but animations and movement will be janky and stuttery as if it was running at a much lower framerate. While this problem goes away when you reboot your computer, that's annoying if you don't reboot often. This simple drop-in fix will make Jade Empire run smoothly even if the system has been up for a long time. It was tested with the GOG and Origin versions of the game, but should work with any other version as well (like the Steam release). Installation ============ - Extract the contents of this archive (in particular `d3d9.dll`) into your Jade Empire installation directory, next to `JadeEmpire.exe`. - Run the included `vcredist_x86.exe` installer to install the *Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 Redistributable*. You may already have it installed in which case the installer will do nothing. To uninstall the fix, simply remove the `d3d9.dll` from your Jade Empire directory.
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