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  1. I think this should be restricted to just staff or only trusted members of the community if they really require access to the press account. Only those officially affiliated with PCGW should be given access to prevent any type of abuse and risk having access revoked. I understand this may not happen anytime soon and the risk of it being abused is minimal but it is best to take precautions and show that as a non-profit community we are professional and don't simply hand out access to anyone asking especially since there is only one set of login details and no way to manage sub-users. If it does
  2. I didn't actually add that, Nicereddy did. But I agree it's definitely worth including community activity if it's a subscription based or heavily focused multiplayer title.
  3. It's a bit of a confusing subject matter, because if we state something then we need to state it on any other game that the same key point applies to. I agree with this to an extent, but it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what needs to be stated and what qualifies as a key point. Once we figure out what exactly qualifies as a key point then we can start applying them but right now it's a bit of a jumbled mess. But yes I agree with what you have listed it just needs to be set in stone a bit more. I also agree with Nicereddy, a remake really doesn't fit within key points as it isn't act
  4. This is also happening with the sub-wikis, guess it's an issue with the script or Twitter changed something.
  5. Wow that's incredibly generous of GOG, I'm glad we're finally getting some recognition that will be able to help us create better articles for more games.
  6. I agree with this to a certain extent but it shouldn't be placed within the availability table, the availability table should refer to where you can purchase or download the title and not any demos or trials. I think it's perfectly acceptable to be linked under it though, outside of the availability table but still within the availability section itself. Happy to get feedback/counter-arguments on this point.
  7. I just want to nail this in so I can set it as resolved but no short descriptions, as Nicereddy said we're focusing primarily on fixes and short descriptions of games would only serve to clutter up a page and are not relevant to fixing the game.
  8. Instead of going around modifying every article which I always try to recommend to avoid due to sheer amount of time it would take would it not instead be possible to put some connection to it in the availability table or such so then it pulls information elsewhere like a huge article.
  9. There shouldn't be short versions like MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY, we want to be very clear regarding release dates with no possibility for any confusion regarding the order. I also vote for "Month day, year" as this was something I instigated with Andrew a few months ago and believe this is the best format, seeing the month first rather than a number makes a clear indication and in my personal opinion is easier to read. There's a lot of traffic from all over the world, the format should be universally pleasing.
  10. Can we not include "including both retail and digital distribution" since saying "All other versions" pretty much covers that and doesn't really need to be specified.
  11. I would rather have something like {{Activation|Steam}} where it will pull the string giving information on that particular digital distribution service, the thing with just recommending everyone uses one sentence is if we ever want to update it that will mean going back to every single article and modifying it where as if it had its own section it pulled strings from then you would only need to edit it once and it would apply to every subsequent article that uses the code.
  12. Recently I've been noticing several different iterations of certain sentences, such as stating whether a title is available to activate on Steam or is Steamworks. I propose one, single universal sentence that can be applied to every game article that would need it rather than 20 different versions of "This game activates on Steam". It looks messy and is inconsistent with every other game article due to the fact the sentence is always changing depending on who is adding it to the article.
  13. Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto V. But, Watch Dogs mainly. I know roughly what to expect from Grand Theft Auto V having played every GTA iteration that came to PC but with Watch Dogs it's something new and exciting and something I've always personally been interested in, technology and control. It has an exceptional premise and I honestly can't wait to get my hands on it. At worst the title will be sub-par but even though it's early days I'm pretty confident in saying this will be GOTY for me personally.
  14. Why have you moved system requirements before issues? Depending on the title and amount of issues the system requirements would simply get lost, it's much more comprehensive to keep them right at the bottom because if a user wants to find system requirements they can quickly just scroll to the bottom of the page rather than having to navigate between issues and other columns.
  15. Also picked up the bundle, wasn't really interested in any of the games but I still love to support the guys over there.
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