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  1. No, this serves purpose by raising awareness to the reader that whatever statement is being relayed is unverified. Sources are crucial to ensure we remain objective as a wiki, we should be aiming to have everything we claim with reputable, verified source(s) and this would be detrimental to that goal.


    You can investigate to see if it's been cited and reference the source or remove the statement if there's no evidence to support whatever is being mentioned is objective.

  2. The 'Discord roles' is a thread in the staff section just as a nudge to our moderating team so I can assign proper roles. Currently we don't have any explicit rules, common sense applies. If there are any rules in the future they'll be listed on the server, not on the forum.


    IRC has fulfilled its use and due to lack of being asynchronous has become less than ideal as a communication method for the type of community we are. This Discord also allows us to do a bit more than the IRC would and I've found it's more difficult to convince people to jump on IRC, especially if they are unfamiliar with the protocol.


    Discord has had a surge of popularity at some point and I've seen a vast array of communities begin to adopt it which factored in the decision to create the server. This is the best opportunity to extend our reach and communicate with our community on a more direct platform. This will also enable us to provide support in a more timely manner.


    We have now reached 57 members, which is an exponential growth in comparison to the IRC so a huge thanks to those that have already connected with us.

  3. This is just a quick update to let you all know that we have a brand new Discord server set up. It's now never been easier to connect with our dedicated community.




    If you want to get involved, provide feedback, or otherwise just say hi please feel free to.Just coming off of E3 we have an exciting line-up to look forward to this year and into the next so we are anxious to continue our PC reports feature covering these in-depth.


    Click here to view the article

  4. I wholeheartedly agree and I've always been a strong advocate against including subjective key points. These should purely be objective, and using adjectives in a statement such as this is seldom warranted. This is also made clear in the Sample article as you linked. The only scenario where it could be permitted is if it's backed up with reputable sources. The whole point of our articles is to provide objective, factual information so we should not be stating anything subjective without backing it up and with good reason.


    In regards to the featured article there is a bit more leniency on this as, obviously, it's a featured article, so we need to pad the content out a bit which means including key points that aren't exactly key points by our standard. Instead, leaning more to why this particular article is being featured. That is something regular editors will not be able to manipulate, so there are not any stated rules for this particular content.


    Removing or tweaking subjective key points, especially ones without a source, is warranted. If it results in an edit war please either discuss this with the editor in question where possible, and if that fails then raise this with us and we can take a firm stance. We have had multiple threads and discussions in the past regarding this, and our viewpoint hasn't changed.

  5. Everyone please bear in mind that these reports are done by volunteers, just like you, in their spare time. It's not going to be perfect, but for a first written piece Grant has made a fantastic report and good headway to improve if he works on further reports. I am pleased with the result and thankful that he produced this for us and for our readers. Keep up the excellent work!

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