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  1. no they're not. I play this both on pcsx2 and pc and the shadows are both exactly the same. the shadows look better in ps2 because the resolution is so low compared to playing this on upscaled 4k or 1080p. if you honestly want to keep fighting me on this i can actually take a screenshot on pcsx2.
  2. This is just the nature of the engine. You get weird shadow "glitches" like this on PCSX2 as well. We just never noticed it when playing on the PS2 because the resolution is really bad. This is a game that came out in 2003, what do you expect
  3. So I know that the DOF scales like this : 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096. I play in 4k, and the DOF is nonexistent. If I scale the DOF down with that scale you end up with DOF that's way too pixelated and looks bad, you scale it too far up it's not even present. There is no middle ground. Not sure how the PS2 handled it but when I play SH3 on PCSX2 in 4k the DOF is perfect. I guess this isn't a "huge" problem, but I feel like DOF adds a lot to the game.
  4. any plans to fix the weird DOF issue ? I think that would make this the definitive SH3 mod.
  5. I just played it on PCSX2 up to meeting Angela, it doesnt have shadows in that cutscene, so it might be the game. Idk if this helps you
  6. It's a false postive. Probably setting off due to the generic name DLLinjector.exe pretty much looks like virus.exe to the antivirus lol. I'm having problems with the DOF, no matter what value I set it to.. it doesnt work. Does anyone else have this same issue?
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