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  1. I have given "newtothis" a lot of advice, but they haven't yet seen or replied yet, might be busy with the pandemic. Thanks for chiming in, while those games aren't considered taxing anymore, I wanted them to consider "how" a game would run on a certain PC, rather than "can". That is, consider variables like the game in question, which stage/level/part that is the most taxing or representative of most of the game(play), its settings, framerate (refresh rate for the screen, framtime for consistency), resolution. They stated a certain budget, which
  2. I saw this a while back and wanted to make an account to reply, but my internet connection had been out till now. But I just made it and would be happy to help if you still need advice on choosing parts, or if you have done so, with assembling the build, I love giving advice on PC building! Decide on a budget for the build as well as if you have any existing part you want to carry on to your new build, such as your case, monitor, or peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.). I am completely free and willing to advice if you still want to know. Also, if you're interested in seeing
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