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  1. My copy was bought legit from Epic Games Store, actually. Although I haven't been getting the in-menu crashing anymore, and I haven't noticed any more weird crashes with the mod that don't seem to happen without it -- just plain old RDR2 crashing lmao. So maybe it was just RDR2 after all. One thing I did notice though is when I google the latest patch/version for RDR2 PC, the version numbers (1.20+) don't seem to match the version that Epic Launcher reports (which is the same as the RDR2.exe version). Mine is 1.0.1311.27 and it's on auto-update so it should be the latest that Epic provide
  2. I really appreciate what you're doing here, I love that it gets rid of the ugly cutscene pillarboxing on my ultrawide. However, this seems to randomly crash my game a lot (ERR_GFX_STATE), even when I'm in menus not doing anything. I say this because when I stopped running your fix, my game stopped crashing too. Is there any way I can help you debug this?
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