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  1. Achievements do not work if the SteamAPI DLL is loaded instead of the one that ships with the game, I've also noticed. SK can manually load your patch without proxying SteamAPI (in this case, I have extracted it to .\FMAlloc\) and then Steam works as it is supposed to. [Import.FMAlloc] Filename=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Horizon Zero Dawn\FMAlloc\Debug\steam_api64.dll When=Early Role=ThirdParty Architecture=x64 Leaving this here for anyone having trouble getting the two things to work together.
  2. Actually, could you please do that? Is there a different dependency DLL you could use? Special K checks the sha1sum of SteamAPI DLLs against the hash in Steam's installed depot for the running AppID before enabling its Steamworks integration. Your method of injection has unfortunately thrown a wrench into things. SK's not capable of displaying its UI in D3D12 at the moment, and thus is not displaying its designed warning informing users that parts of SK are non-functional due to a SteamAPI DLL that is different than ships with the game. It is my policy not to offer support to users i
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