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  1. Always loved GOG for their no restriction games :) Edit: That link doesn't seem to work anymore. Now its http://www.gog.com/games/all##price=free
  2. Borderlands 2: Loved the bigger game world with extra weapons and skills :) Also as Newmansan said they have DLCs still being released :O
  3. At the moment playing Borderlands 2 with friends and loving it :) In my opinion its better than Borderlands 1 as it has better and different weapons and skills.
  4. Ah top 5 PC Games, that would be really hard to say but right now these are my top 5.They are in no particular order and I have included series because its so hard to mention single games :p Also most of them are my favorites because of the people I played them with :) Commandos Series I had a blast playing this game when it first came out. The way it blended simple game play and strategy made me fall in love with :) Commanding a group of commandos to infiltrate the Germans which focusing on stealth and tactics mainly be sneaking around brings a smile to my face :) Team Fortress 2 I
  5. Well this news came to me a bit late, I bought the bundle without knowing it doesnt have multiplayer support :( I asked the customer support and they said this version does not have it. I was kindda mad, they should have mentioned it!
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