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  1. Since he mentioned iMac and MacBook, it's important to know that Bedrock can only run on Windows 10. Java Edition supports Windows, MacOS and Linux. I'd call Bedrock the "kid version", since it's more stripped down in features compared to Java, and getting access to w.i.p versions is a nightmare on Bedrock. If you want to play on older versions of the game, or want to play alot of custom maps, Java is the only choice for the former, and the superior choice for the latter. On the other hand, Bedrock is much more optimized than Java, as such it will perform better on lower-end hardwar
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Patches the game to unlock the frame rate, however must be capped to 60 fps to avoid the game running faster than it should be. Use xdelta to patch "SkyDrift.exe".
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