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  1. How did you fix the LT and RT issue ?] Final Edit: download X360ce, go to the controller setings tab, select the preset with the SID C2685BA2, and click load. Edit: tried a few things i used this google link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7bMzcSq8aMAVUNwYWlSTzBCXzg/view and followed the instructions in this video. used x360ce and recorded the LT and RT and it worked perfectly. I put all the files from the google doc too since they might end up deleted. use the xinputhid.inf Edit 2: after doing the fix my controller was no longer detected in For Honor. Using this fix might make the controller unrecognizable to other games. respond FW_ACC_00U.bin mt7612us.cat mt7612us.inf mt7612us.sys wdfcoinstaller01011.dll xboxgip.cat xboxgip.sys xboxgip_prot.inf xinputhid.cat xinputhid.inf xinputhid.sys
  2. can you tell me how you fixed the LT and RT issue ?

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