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    xcrysizz got a reaction from tyl0413 for a file, Colossal Mayhem Pack & Excessive Force Pack DLC for Prototype 2   
    This file unlock's the two Prototype 2 DLC's that never came officially to pc but were hidden in the files...
    Colossal Mayhem pack that adds:
    ■ Thermobaric Boomstick
    ■ Heller Test Subject Skin
    ■ Infected Heller Skin
    ■ Infantry Heller Skin
    ■ Warp Vortex
    ■ Anti Gravity Field
    ■ Air Time
    Excessive Force Pack that adds:
    ■ Viral Infector Granade Launcher
    ■Armored Heller Skin
    ■Agile Armor Alex Mercer Skin
    ■ Zombie Mercer Skin
    ■ Shockwave
    ■ Chaos Creator Mode
    ■ Medusa's Wrath
    1. Download
    2. Unzip
    3. Just paste the file in: Steam\SteamApps\common\prototype 2
    4. Enjoy
    (dlc's are accessible on Radnet -> Rewards)
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