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  1. sorry if u didnt understand... I use winrar (but you can also use other unziping methods like 7zip, etc)  to unzip all my files. just need to select both of them, right click and select press extract here. If u extract one first and then the other it doesnt work

    Screenshot 2021-04-12 143318.png

  2. On 1/25/2021 at 7:18 AM, chrysaliarus said:

    Mate, what you have to do is have both downloaded files in the same folder. Extract the first file and it extracts the second part automatically. No need to extract the second file manually. Then you put the texmod folder in the prototype game folder. Not just the files, the entire folder.

    Exacly, altho in the last patch i changed it so the files no longer go on texmod folder, instead they now go in the main prototype folder. In ur case u dont need to make this change since u have the other version and apart of changing the location, it doesnt change anything else

  3. On 1/25/2021 at 2:15 AM, nob said:

    Followed the instructions exactly and put the files from inside the Texmod folder into the Prototype folder. Still doesn't work. Why are there 2 parts with the same files? All part 2 does is overwrite the files of part 1. How does that help in any way? Do I need to start a new game for it to work?

    There 2 files because i cant upload an file bigger that 250mb to the page... You need to extract them both at the same time, if u do it separately it wont work. And also, in the last patch I change it soo that u need to put all the files inside texmod in the main prototype folder. (Not the folder itself)


  4. 10 minutes ago, chrysaliarus said:

    thanks for the assist, makes it super easy to run this game along side the resolution fix. I might try to see if I can get it to run with dxvk. Possibly find a fix with shadows not working for my amd card by spoofing the device and vendor id of an nvidia card

    Gook luck on that one 💪

  5. On 1/22/2021 at 12:57 AM, chrysaliarus said:

    I downloaded it 4 times and got the same file error each time. Game runs great and the texmod works if I don't use the file listed with the data error. I just switched it with the one provided in part 1.

    Edit: I tried it with my laptop as well to make sure it wasn't my computer and it still shows the data error message. So it's definitely not my hardware causing the issue. It downloads the full 132.99 mb file.

    you need to download and extract them both... 

  6. On 1/23/2021 at 8:17 AM, nob said:

    This doesn't work. The instructions are confusing as shit and the texture packs wont load in. You talk about how if you have an 8 core processor then you need to follow step 3. In step 3 you then proceed to go off topic explaining that if you don't have Prototype installed in the default location, then you need to change the "Target" and "Start In" destination paths. Nigga, I have my game installed in the default location so what am I supposed to do? I click on "Prototype (more that 8 Cores)", which isn't even grammatically correct btw, load in the texture packs and hit "Run" but they don't show up. Even just using the default Texmod.exe doesn't work either. Please help.

    I went and check if I wrote something wrong in the code for "prototype (more that 8 cores)" and i even moved my game to the default location of steam and it everything was working perfectly fine ... maybe the instructions were to hard to understand. so i re-wrote some of the instructions for better understanding. And in the instructions it was clarified that U needed to move the texmod folder to the prototype folder, not the files inside of texmod to the prototype folder (because if not placed correctly it breaks the texmod)


    soo i change it soo that u need to move all of your files inside texmod to prototype folder instead of the folder itself. the update should be up soon

  7. 2 hours ago, chrysaliarus said:

    I'm getting an error with the second texmod part. Is that normal?


    that ain't normal... i suggest that you double check if ur files downloaded correctly and try again. also remember that this game is pretty old and has problems launching if u have a cpu with more that 8 cores. so maybe it could be that... You'll need to set up an affinity in order to limit the amount of ur cpu's cores for this game only in order for it to run propetly.

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