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  1. Thank you for speed. It's awesome!
  2. Thanks for looking in to that anyway, Rose. This game is super weird. I've noticed that besides black bars in dialogs the position of the characters is super wierd. sometimes they located right on the edge of the screen or quiet often camera shows back of the main character and the second character is covered behind and not visible to the player at all. I was watching last years ultrawide gameplays and it wasn't the case. Characters position and overall dialog framing was nice and clean, usual over the shoulder cameras framing each of the characters nicely. Maybe it's related to th
  3. Shoot. Do you have an Origin Premier by any chance? Because the game is free for the subscribers.
  4. check your PM Also it looks like game have disappeared from Epic and Steam stores. So it's only available in Origin now.
  5. Could you please update this mode as it seems pillarboxing in dialog scenes is back in new Origin version of the game. Game play fix still works fine.
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