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    Patrxgt got a reaction from tech geek in What are the reasons some games that are not exclusives never get released on PC and stay on console forever?   
    Well, because no one likes to hear, that PC port of game you made is unoptimised mess and doesn't has some effects, that were presented on consoles or lacks PC-specific options (like most of GTA titles on PC).
    For RDR exclusively it's impossible to port it in the state, that it's on consoles, cause it was made on RAGE version, that is somewhere between RAGE 2 (GTA IV) and RAGE 3 (GTA V), so if Rockstar would like to make a port, then they would need to port this game to the third version of engine plus do something with mess in the files (because RDR was originally shipped without any file segregation, so all files are literally just in the main folder), which would probably take more resources than it's worth it.
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    Patrxgt got a reaction from aynamkangroe in Best way to play Minecraft?   
    In my taste, Java Edition with Optifine, Vanilla Tweaks texture pack, Sound filters mod and Sildur's Enhanced Default shaders is the best way to play this beautiful game.
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    Patrxgt got a reaction from Suicide machine in We need a "dark mode" for the website   
    You know, that you can just use Dark Reader extension for your browser?
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