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  1. Well, because no one likes to hear, that PC port of game you made is unoptimised mess and doesn't has some effects, that were presented on consoles or lacks PC-specific options (like most of GTA titles on PC).

    For RDR exclusively it's impossible to port it in the state, that it's on consoles, cause it was made on RAGE version, that is somewhere between RAGE 2 (GTA IV) and RAGE 3 (GTA V), so if Rockstar would like to make a port, then they would need to port this game to the third version of engine plus do something with mess in the files (because RDR was originally shipped without any file segregation, so all files are literally just in the main folder), which would probably take more resources than it's worth it.

  2. On 3/29/2021 at 12:56 AM, Suicide machine said:

    Good idea, but sites like awful like this 😞 Has issues in the same places where I had it when I tried overriding styles.

    Try changing motive engine to filter+ and play a little with contrast and brightness sliders. For me there is no problems with Dark Reader after setting everything up right.

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