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  1. Nice. Looks like steam was working on this too: https://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/1701689794999565458 from 2 days ago steam added latam spanish, lol. and explain the difference with euro spanish.
  2. Hi, currently latam spanish language have "Mexican Spanish" name on pcgw and this is not correct. I tried to add a new "Latam Spanish" but i have not access to edit templates. The correct would be to rename "Mexican Spanish" to "Latam Spanish". Because the latam spanish is neutral, is not mexican. Even when some games are dubbed on mexico they are on neutral spanish (latam spanish) not with mexican accent. Is like to set the name of English to "USA English". If not possible to rename to Latam Spanish, could someone create Latam Spanish? Actually games like Batman, Tomb Raider a
  3. could be a column for "Official/Fanmade"? and if is fanmade the click directly go to the info instead the "Fan translation, see XXX"
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