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  1. @Rose hey man, thanks for the app, good stuff. I don't know exactly how do you access the aspect ratio and ui scale settings but could you please also take a look at resolution scaling? The game uses quite a bit of VRAM. Even though I have 3440x1440, I don't play often recently released games and AAA titles, so I was fine with 4 GB. In this game, there are scenes that even 2560x1080 at 0.7 resolution scaling struggles to stay below 4 GB VRAM. I would like to adjust on the fly resolution scaling the same way its possible to adjust ui scaling. Could you implement that as well and also allow going below the 0.7 limit (down to like 0.5 or so)? Rendering UI at native res and scaling down game res is better than rendering the ui on low res and scaling it up. Cheers.
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