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  1. 20 hours ago, Rose said:

    I don't think that is how Steam updates work. There are a lot of cutscene skip solutions on the wiki that involve renaming or removing files. Unless verified or updated, you can use a modified exe to replace the old - just make sure it fully matches the old name.

    I did do that, but the first time I tried launching the game it deleted it and created a new one, I've never seen that happen before and I watched the file literally disappear and a new one pop up in it's place while Steam showed downloading 1 file for this game.  It's not a big deal, I just pinned it to my start menu and I'll launch it from there.  I mean, I'll only  be playing  this game for a few days max then I'll finish it and remove it from my storage.

  2. 3 hours ago, Rose said:

    It's most likely a Steamstub issue. Adapt and follow the first steps of my DQB guide to work around it. Sadly, I'm not allowed to go into detail about Steamstub unpacking on PCGW.

    yes, that worked.  Although, I have to launch the game using the .exe because Steam will automatically replace it if I try running it through the Steam UI

  3. i got the game on Steam, patched the main exe as directed, only the game crashes when attempting to launch now

    the main exe is named BeyondTwoSouls_Steam.exe  is it because its the Steam version it's not working or is it something else.  I changed my folder from Read Only as another poster mentioned

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