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  1. I did do that, but the first time I tried launching the game it deleted it and created a new one, I've never seen that happen before and I watched the file literally disappear and a new one pop up in it's place while Steam showed downloading 1 file for this game. It's not a big deal, I just pinned it to my start menu and I'll launch it from there. I mean, I'll only be playing this game for a few days max then I'll finish it and remove it from my storage.
  2. yes, that worked. Although, I have to launch the game using the .exe because Steam will automatically replace it if I try running it through the Steam UI
  3. i got the game on Steam, patched the main exe as directed, only the game crashes when attempting to launch now the main exe is named BeyondTwoSouls_Steam.exe is it because its the Steam version it's not working or is it something else. I changed my folder from Read Only as another poster mentioned
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