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  1. Hi Rose. Thanks for all your work. I was wondering if you had any idea to  modify NBA 2k playgrounds 2 for 21:9

    I tried all the hex edits but I could not get it to work. It is Unreal Engine 4 

    All the best



    1. Rose


      Hi. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the game to look into it.

  2. Hi. Thanks for the prompt reply. I tried the second fix and the title screen was actually 21:9 unstreched. But the reason I didnt implement it was because the fmv is of course 16:9 despite the rendered being 21:9 friendly. I was happier having the vert minus on the fmv. It is the best balance without breaking immersion. The payoff of course is the title screen only that retains 16:9 . Many Thanks again and I hope what I have written makes sense. So the title screen can actually fill to 21:9 unstreched but only on the less favourable fix. I'm still very happy with it. Was just wonder
  3. Thanks for the fix. I used the vert- and it is the best, but unfortunately the title screen is in 16:9. Is there any chance you can modify it to also have the title screen in 21:9? Warm regards Welshy
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