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  1. Thank you Rose.

    I found an easier and more reliable way to do this trick.

    You have to go to your "\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Settings" folder.

    There, you'll see several files with .bin extension.

    One of these files contains the horizontal HUD location.

    Mine was named "400042567_19054853.bin". I don't know if the name may vary from computer to another.

    All of these files are in fact xml files and easy to edit with any notepad.

    I found the following key to contain the horizontal HUD location.

    <Item key="7014661855" type="rage__fwuiValueFloat">
       <value value="0.328000" />

    All you have to do is to modify the value to whatever you desire then set this file to be read only.

    Last step is important because it prevents the game from modifying this value.

    Once this value is modified never go back in game to the HUD location setting or it may reset the value in memory and it will revert the HUD location.

    This works really well for me.


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