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  1. i hope the SC2 get's made, or at least allow third party to create a sc clone. i dread the day my SC and the backup SC i ordered during the $5 sale both die :(
  2. thanks, never thought to check wayback. i tried searching github but i was searching for inicrypt so i got nothing of use. link works, thanks again.
  3. hi, i've been trying to track down the inicrypt tool for Spec Ops: The Line that is linked in the wiki but that link is no longer any good. http://mod.gib.me/specopstheline/inicrypt.zip i've searched a lot and every mention of this tool is linked to that mod.gib.me domain which no longer works, does anyone have this tool they could share and i'll host it somewhere so the link can be updated in the wiki? thanks in advance.
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