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  1. Paging Nicereddy for the icon :)




    To the DesignMobile!


    Any ideas for the DOS icon besides just writing "DOS"? I was thinking about maybe using the generic ">_" terminal icon, but I don't know if that would be easily recognizable as representing DOS.


    And I really hate the Expand/Collapse text, so I might play around with it on the dev site when I have some time. If it breaks anything, I'll just blame Soeb.

  2. I quite like the way this has come out :D Not a huge fan of the contrast between the circle DRM icons and the storefront squares, but I'm probably just being nitpicky.


    Thanks for taking the time to implement this, Garrett!


    Looking through the list of DRMs available, I noticed that there is no option for physical piracy protection for games like Space Quest or The Secret of Monkey Island (i.e. In order to complete the game, a random code must be entered in. The code can be found either in the manual or with special items included with the game).


    It's not exactly a CD key as it needs to be entered in for each new game. What would be the proper category for such games?

    What do you think that icon would look like? I've spent a little while thinking about it, but I'm coming up blank. And as Marioysikax said, I'm not sure that could be considered DRM.

  3. Oh my gosh...that's brilliant, Nicereddy! Having everything integrated in that very clean, sleek way you've created instead of hidden or separated into individual windows is something which should absolutely be done in a custom skin!



    I just got the new theme and don't know if it's just because it's new but it definitly feels step backwards. Everything seems so...floaty and nonprofessional. And they didn't even include old theme file so that it could be switched >_> 

    However they seem to have been updating that big picture vibed theme everywhere - except their main site and Android version which was last time updated in 2012 spring.


    Your mockup does look like improvement with taking advantage of horizontal space which right now is basically blank space if using maximized window. 

    I still maintain that their UI updates have some pretty significant issues in making a cohesive style across the client, with the black/blue essentially "fighting" for dominance over Steam's color scheme. There's also a lot of inconsistency in their use of gradients vs. "flat" elements.


    I like the current version a lot more now than I did when this Beta client was released a few days ago, since they've fixed some of my biggest issues with the client since then (mostly the Play button and the chat window's "notification" flashing color).

  4. I assumed they were going to so I didn't bother pointing that out.


    The GMG icon isn't too great tho. The stroke doesn't work at all, it would probably look nicer without it.


    I'll try that and see how it looks. The GamersGate and GMG icons are both pretty bad, but it's unfortunately rather difficult to fit them in such a small space.

  5. I don't think using the ID template for DRM is a good idea, as it'd make it really hard to get information about different types of DRM in a semantic data structure. I'd prefer a separate "DRM" template for that, which would include many of the same icons as the ID template.


    Also, do we want to use my Availability Table icons for this? See here.

  6. Could the fan parameter replace the main icons with a different icon instead please (text, audio, and cc, separate choises for all of them)


    Having a simple text seems meaningless, seeing as I might as well just write it myself, and it only seems to clutter things up.


    It would be cool if we'd be able to pick between true, false, fan and hackable, the rest of the fan settings which are currently present could be removed.


    Fan = fan made translations

    Hackable = mods related to audio stuff or whatever you can think off


    The template right now feels a bit incomplete without these two.

    What do you think a fan icon would look like? I could just do "FAN" in a circle, but that isn't exactly preferable. I'm also not sure about the logistics of adding this, any thoughts Soeb?

  7. In today's GOG.com/CD Projekt RED Stream they announced a new client called "GOG.com Galaxy". They already have the GOG.com Downloader and a "client" which helps update the games you get from GOG, I believe this is just a rebranding of that client. Details are currently sparse, so if anyone has any more information please post it!This will be interesting for a number of reasons, here are the key features:

    • Client is fully optional
    • Client allows you to "Cross-Play" with anyone regardless of the platform they've purchased a game on (e.g. playing with a friend who bought the game on Steam whilst you bought it on GOG.com)
    • Online activation is not ever required (multiplayer and downloading the game itself obviously requires internet connection)
    • Achievements supported by client
    • Updates supported by client
    I'm not sure if anything else was fully "announced", as they were rather vague on the whole thing in my opinion. I'm guessing there will be some sort of integration of a Friends system and the Community/Support already included on the GOG.com website, although both of those ideas are purely speculation.


    Again, if anyone has any more information please post it.



    (Article promoted by Andytizer)


    Click here to view the article

  8. Okay, so after using the wiki for a while after blocking the Like, Tweet, and Donate widgets I've noticed it loads at least twice as fast now. I'm not saying we should get rid of those, but we should get rid of those. They're making the user experience much worse for everyone whilst benefiting only a few, and there are other ways (such as the icons) for people to access our social media sites.


    Also, how about making "Donate" a tab on the header?

  9. I'd definitely support the creation of this. As Miranda suggested, we can probably make columns for "Min" and "Max" API levels required, or "Min" and "Rec" (recommended). I'd imagine this would be useful to a number of users. Maybe we can make this a subsection of "Video settings" or "Other information" as I'd prefer if we didn't make too many main sections for every page.

  10. I prefer it with the margins ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    The way it currently is allows for the content to have some room away from the edge of the screen/browser window, which I personally prefer. Of course, it also takes about 50px away from the content, which isn't very good for smaller screens. 


    Then again, if you're not using a three 50" monitors to browse the wiki, can you really call yourself a PC gamer?

  11. Updated my install of Ubuntu to 14.04, updated Firefox, went back to Chrome, blocked the Like, Tweet, and Donate buttons. Loads much faster now, but I don't think we should have to manually block these things to be able to use the site. I'd hope that the icons would be enough to get people who wanted to to interact with our pages on those sites, and I'd prefer if we just got rid of them. Just my personal opinion, of course.

  12. So I switched to Firefox (Using Ubuntu 13.04, newest version of Chrome unstable and v26 of Firefox because I have no idea how to update this thing) and it loads much faster now. That can probably be attributed to all the extensions I have in Chrome. Welp.


    Still, I'd prefer to use Chrome because I'm a twat, and even on Firefox the Like and Tweet buttons are the last parts to load. If anyone knows more about web development than me (I could very well be completely wrong about my assumptions on these interactive buttons), feel free to tell me I'm an idiot.

  13. Perhaps this can be attributed moreso to my terrible laptop than anything, but I haven't been editing the wiki as much recently because of the horrendous load times whilst trying to edit. I don't think this is the fault of the new server, nor is it the fault of the newer version of MediaWiki. If anything, I'd place blame on the Facebook "Like" and Twitter "Tweet" buttons in the header, as well as the PayPal donation button. Loading parts of the site by taking them from elsewhere seems to be taking longer than everything else, which is rather annoying.


    I'm mostly making this post to light a fire under Andy's arse, since he isn't online on Steam at the moment and I can't complain to him directly.


    Also the social icons I made haven't been added yet, Andy ;)

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