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  1. I don't see any harm in supporting older systems, regardless of how niche they may be. As long as the infobox doesn't get insanely long with 8 platforms for a single game or something, I don't have a problem with it.
  2. I like the idea, as I had a similar problem with Source engine issues, but unfortunately it's technically kind of difficult to implement this without a bunch of testing and dev time. Menial edits annoy me a lot, so automating something like this would be nice. Alas.
  3. I personally believe it'd be better if we just kept these in separate namespaces for the purpose of organization, I changed that last year with the goal of clearing the main namespace of any non-game content as I felt that it was a pain to manage those pages without some obvious separation. I still believe that to be the case, as it's much easier for Semantic MediaWiki and other tools to differentiate between articles with these prefixes.
  4. I'll need to give some thought as to where we should put the IPBoard integration as I can definitely see it's usefulness. I think we may want to try parsing the forums ourselves, since IPBoard loads about as quickly as molasses and would really clash with the skin. iframes are the devil, so if we can avoid those that would be vastly preferable. I'm currently planning on placing the social icons in the footer, since they serve the same purpose as the social buttons without compromising our design or slowing down page load (based on tests Soeb and I have done, Twitter and Facebook seem to be
  5. Soeb and I have been secretly working on a new skin for the wiki, and I figured I'd update you guys on our progress. Here's a beautiful in-dev screenshot I took: Note that this skin is still in Early Accessâ„¢, so there are some bugs I need to work out before I'm done. (Don't do gradients, kids. They're bad for you.)
  6. I completely agree, but that's going to be a lot of work. I know what tools we should replace the forum and blog with, but it's the time commitment that's going to be the problem.
  7. Some feedback from the /r/pcgaming thread: "I like the idea behind the comparison slider thingies, but the images are far too small to see the difference." - /u/Compizfox "They need to add framerate graphs like Tweak Guides do" - /u/Frizzik "And that modding is stopped by DRM." - /u/Big_Cums Definitely some things we should take into consideration in the future. May want to append this article with a note about the anti-modding DRM, assuming we can confirm that exists.
  8. Good to know other people want this. MediaWiki, unfortunately, is the main obstacle between PCGamingWiki and mobile support. If it happens, it will definitely be through the website rather than a dedicated app. The latter requires far too much work for the few users we'd have. As Andy said, we've already got 10% of our traffic coming from mobile. Given that the wiki barely works on mobile devices, I'm sure an even larger portion would be made up of mobile viewers given proper support.
  9. We do have a development wiki, but it's pretty screwed right now (we were testing some pretty significant changes, which we didn't fully understand the consequences of) and I haven't gotten Soeb to reset it yet. I'm unsure about how/if we can add classes/id's to table rows, so I'll have to look into it. Soeb and I are still trying to figure out where all the CSS styles are coming from so we can get proper control over them all, but MediaWiki is really terrible in that regard. Inline styles, irrelevant vendor prefixes, and "!important" declarations everywhere :(
  10. Well. That broke some stuff. http://youtu.be/PAeqsKi2ptk?t=1m59s But I think I've fixed all of the issues now.
  11. It's good we've got quality web developers like me on Staff :D
  12. At LAN parties I have with my friends we tend to play a lot of Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Garry's Mod (Trouble in Terrorist Town specifically). I'd definitely recommend TF2, it's a lot of fun if you host your own LAN server. Usually we end up playing plr_hightower, some of the best moments I've had in any game have come from there.
  13. I noticed this months ago but haven't been able to fix it. Unfortunately, I think it's Mozilla's fault.
  14. Hm, I think I'll have some problems getting there :P Best of luck to everyone else though!
  15. I got this idea after reading through an incredibly interesting presentation on zombie variation in Left 4 Dead 2. I thought it would be something to mention on PCGW articles. I realize this is outside of our scope, and I don't want to have pages with dozens of "General information" links, but I figured I'd suggest it simply out of curiosity. If anyone has any suggestions for what to do with something like this, feel free to add to the discussion. I don't know of any site that keeps a list of developer talks/articles about the creation of games, so it may be a niche to target. Again, I hav
  16. Agreed with what Soeb said with regards to hot-seat/async. As for the play/co-op distinction, I think the distinction is useful for people looking for games specifically supporting collaborative or versus gameplay, rather than leaving it ambiguous. At the same time, this could be relegated to the Notes column and work just as well without the baggage that the template currently comes with. I'd support merging these as long as we try to retain the versus/co-op distinction in the template's Notes.
  17. None which are mainstream, aka supported by more than a very small number of games.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=768h3Tz4Qik These fancy "automated systems"! But seriously, I'm happy to be relieved of this job seeing as I haven't been updating it much since the initial release of the list. My main concern is that we'll lose a few dozen games that don't yet have wiki pages, which is a pretty significant issue. Before pushing this to release, we need to make sure as many of the listed games have pages as possible so we don't lose too much information. Co-Optimus does actually have a screen-type distinction under "Co-Op Extras", e.g. Portal 2's page. I
  19. Great job LDK! There were some really nice comments over in the /r/pcgaming thread if you want to check them out!
  20. I believe you have to have a set number of edits before you're able to create a new page. This is just to combat spam, sorry about the inconvenience. If you can tell us the name of the game you want a page for, I can make a quick empty page for you to fill in.
  21. I agree and approve of such a change. Right now, Soeb and I upload all our images with the format "Game title - X", where X would be cover, video settings, audio settings, etc. Whatever is relevant to the image. I don't know if we should use that as the general guideline, but I think it works reasonably well. Whatever we decide on, we should definitely put a note on the Upload page to make sure people follow the guidelines.
  22. I like that idea, if I don't have it implemented in the next few days feel free to pester me about it.
  23. Done, nothing particularly fancy though. See here. It doesn't look particularly attractive on lower PPI displays, unfortunately, but it does seem readable to me.
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