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  1. I'll probably base the landing page off of the Codrops CSS reference. I would personally suggest splitting the page into various different sections for each content section (e.g. Video Settings, Audio Settings, Infobox, Input Settings, System Requirements, etc.) and then offering two means of navigation:


    * The current full page design, with each separate content section transcluded into the page so they'll always be updated simultaneously.

    * Separate pages with a "< Prev"/"Next >" design (I can handle the logistics of that if you'd like)


    I suggest this primarily because the page is pretty large at the moment, and if someone wants to just see the guide for Video settings, they have to wait for everything to load and then find the section. With a central page like the CSS reference linked above, editors only need to load one small page with a list of the different sections (each linking to their respective guide pages) as well as a link at the top to the "Full Editing Guide" which would essentially just be the current editing guide as it is now.


    Hopefully that would appease everyone?

  2. I really like the tabbed system requirements table idea, so I'll keep pestering Soeb about that one ;)


    As for the border, I personally like the drop shadow from a stylistic perspective, and I think it has enough contrast to be able to differentiate. I can increase the darkness of the drop shadow if you think that'd help, but I'm going to be a bit stubborn about changing it unless there are any other alternatives besides the border.

  3. p5oC3M.png


    This is currently what I see. The one in your screenshot however would be absolutely fine:




    Just seems like it needs to be bolded. Maybe it's a CSS issue between browsers? I'm currently running Firefox.


    Unfortunately I can't test this very well since Windows renders text differently from OS X, but I've applied font smoothing for WebKit browsers and Firefox. I think that should fix your issue?


    It didn't, I'm not sure why the font rendering is all messed up on Windows :/


    Considering the font we're using - Segoe UI - is the bloody typeface they used in Microsoft's logo you'd think they'd have optimized it for use with Windows.

  4. Some CSS change seem to be the source of the problem. Those templates don't have that issue on the old skin. It would be better to fix it in the CSS.

    I'll have to play around some more with it then. In order to get it working the way I want, with the tag spanning the full width of the page, I need to use absolute positioning. Unfortunately, this takes it "out of the document flow", which requires I utilize extra padding <div>'s so content doesn't run under the tags. So that's why the tags aren't working the same as they were in the previous version. 

  5. This is really, really good I'm absolutely loving the new design. I assume all the font and such is placeholder? The navigation bar at the top would definitely need to be changed to be a bit easier on the eyes and the stub/cleanup icons could be reduced in size to be inline with the text but aside from that it's very clean and organized. I absolutely look forward to seeing this progress further.

    The font right now is Segoe UI, which I rather like. Are you seeing something different (Linux doesn't come with Segoe, AFAIK), or would you just prefer a different font?

  6. @Garrett: would it be possible to modify the way the Stub/Cleanup/Development tags work? I'm having a problem where the tags have different styles depending on what tag they are, which is rather annoying.


    Case in point: http://dev.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto_V


    Using both a Stub and Cleanup tag causes a space between the two that I can't fix without merging the templates into one single div. Something like this would be nice:


    Although we should probably ask the community to make sure we get all the edge cases taken care of.



    I also wanted to get everyone's thoughts on using white for the stub/cleanup icons vs. keeping them as they are?

  7. Random question: Would the new skin support different colour schemes?


    If so, adding various colour schemes would be a cool idea (ex. Original Steam format, Terminal look, etc.)

    In theory you could do it with personal CSS styles, but they wouldn't be official.



    I am super impressed with the progress on the skin, kudos guys.


    Initially I added a 'link' to each H2 - this is a bit hackish as it uses javascript. Also it's not a good solution as it is 'inside' the H2 tag which isn't great semantically.


    I noticed the new Wikipedia version has a cool 'hover' link where a link appears when you mouseover the H2. I wonder if we can do something comparable to that?

    I liked that when I noticed it as well. I want to add it, but I'm not sure if it'd be weird should the floating ToC happen to float over the link icon as the user hovers. Probably not a huge problem, so I'd be willing to implement it.

  8. After doing some initial tests, I tried loading the Half-Life 2 article on both the production and dev wikis for comparison.


    Note that there are a few variables that will effect this, namely advertisements (none on either since I was logged in) and the IPBoard integration on the production wiki. We currently intend to only show recent replies on the home page once we finish this up, more on that when we actually make it happen :P


    Anyway, here's the data:

    • Production wiki: 90 requests, 479 KB transferred
    • Development wiki: 47 requests, 392 KB transferred


    So we've managed to cut a little over 85 KB of data from the page load and almost halved the requests. In theory this should make our servers withstand larger influxes of traffic (emphasis on in theory, I am not a network engineer).


    I'm not sure where else we can optimize it, most of the weight is currently from the cover photo and game screenshots (my icons are all incredibly small because they're SVGs :D). I'll have to work with Soeb to see if we can get longer lasting caching of things like our logo image, etc.

  9. There is no good reason to provide support for legacy/"alternative" systems like that. The audience is too niche to be worth maintaining the pages for said info.


    Anyways, the fan sites devoted to their respective systems will be far more detailed than we could be.

    I don't see any harm in supporting older systems, regardless of how niche they may be. As long as the infobox doesn't get insanely long with 8 platforms for a single game or something, I don't have a problem with it.

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