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  1. The Editing Guide has been completed! Now we just need to finish the Featured Articles, update the Upcoming Releases card, add a welcome card, and fix some minor bugs, then we'll be ready to launch.
  2. How should we work that disclaimer? I can put it in the footer below the CC-BY-SA disclaimer.
  3. The categories pages haven't been optimized for mobile, and I wonder if people are clicking it under the assumption that it would be more useable than it is, e.g. a list of cover art? Or just clicking it because it's one of the most prominent elements on the current home page?
  4. I think that's pretty much ready to be released, we just need to replace the current Project info with a much shorter one now that it's automated.
  5. Can we modify CSS with a user preference? EDIT: Nevermind I'm dumb, you can just add a CSS class via the user preferences to get that working. Simple.
  6. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to say no to this one on the basis that this would take way too long for minimal benefit to the majority of users. You can continue using your own custom CSS, but I don't have an infinite amount of time to customize the wiki for every person who wants it. Sorry!
  7. I think considering mobile to have users with inherently different problems and goals isn't the right way to go here. We want to have as much feature parity between desktop and mobile as possible (except editing, because that'd just become a mess even if we had VisualEditor).
  8. The new TOC can be reverted by adding some custom CSS to your common.css file, I can provide that for you if you'd like.
  9. Redesigned site? What redesigned site? :P
  10. Sorry for not responding to this earlier, the skin has been taking up most of my wiki time :P Soeb and I discussed using these metrics for the Search suggestions on the home page (For example... *list of games*), but based on Google Analytics and Piwik statistics, we'd just end up with Grand Theft Auto V on the home page for months on end. These would essentially be static until a new release knocks others down a peg, so it'd be kind of useless to have them front-and-center on the home page. Right now the blocks included are somewhat final, as I feel that the header is where your eye obviously lands upon loading, so it serves as a pretty good "Welcome" card, and includes everything we had in the previous welcome card (except for the news articles, which are outdated at this point). Recent changes isn't included on the basis that it would break the caching, and the twitter widget would make the home page load take a bit longer (although we could always load it asynchronously), and add quite a bit to the page size which we've been working to cut down on for the last few months.
  11. Shouldn't it be only True/Hackable, and then show icons for either of those?
  12. That would just end up with the repo having dozens of Pull Requests that no one can really verify, unfortunately.
  13. I'm not sure if our Game data template allows for that right now, but in theory it should be possible. Biggest problem would be inaccurate paths.
  14. This would be a feature for MediaWiki to implement, I think. I don't know if we have the ability to modify search that much, or if we can, I have no idea if we have the developers to do it. I am not particularly well-versed in PHP, not sure about Soeb or Garrett.
  15. Soeb would be able to better determine the capabilities of IPBoard in that regard, but as far as I know there's no endpoint for that. Thankfully, I don't think it's a big enough deal to be problematic for most users. We may just want to replace "Files" with "Images" since there aren't any really other types of files on the wiki itself.
  16. 1. I'm on a MacBook Pro with a 2560x1600 viewport (1280x800 in CSS pixels), but I also have a second screen that's 1600x800, and on that it's really obvious that there's a problem with the size of the content, on larger screens it only gets worse. The problem I've run into is this: I dislike all possible solutions to this problem using CSS, and using JS would be overly complex, slow down the page, and cause its own problems. It would also take longer to develop. Right now, using breakpoints to create more columns could work, but the problem with that is the content would end up flowing from a theoretical third column into the second when it gets smaller, meaning the third column would either be awkwardly small or the second awkwardly large (depending on viewport width). The columns CSS property will fix these problems pretty much in their entirety, but that won't be a viable solution until October or November of this year. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all support it right now, albeit prefixed. Unfortunately, Chrome and Safari's implementations of the spec are incomplete and very buggy. Trust me, I've tried to use them on other projects of mine, they are horrific. The idea is that we'd wait for this to have proper support in Chrome and Safari this fall (Firefox should be fine even if it remains prefixed), then we can use it for the home page. It would allow the content to flow into more columns when the viewport width allows for it. It also includes the ability to "equalize" content so that the columns are as similar in height as possible. As a hotfix, your suggestion may work, but I'm unsure if it would be annoying to use. Regardless, we're definitely going to get complaints for this problem, so it's something we need to work on fixing. 2. I've tried to have the header serve as the welcome card, as I assume searching or getting article suggestions would work as a navigational flow for a significant portion of users. I'd definitely be willing to try a welcome card with some navigational elements (e.g. OS categories and the like), recent changes, and statistics, but I'll need to give some thought on its implementation first. 3. I blame Soeb, it's his job to fix it :P In all seriousness, this is a significant problem, especially since it messes with the header layout. I'm not sure exactly how to get the ad placed on the page, but I have some ideas. 4. See 2 5. See 2 6. That's planned eventually, but I want to get the skin out sooner rather than later, so its been pushed back for now.
  17. Progress Update: We're very very nearly done! Home page is being finished up, thanks to Soeb for doing the beginning bits for the IPBoard integration for me, since I was too lazy to do it myself :P
  18. Work on the home page has begun! Right now we're planning on including the following: * Search & Suggested games (automatically selected daily from the Featured articles list which Soeb is working on implementing) * Statistics * Upcoming releases * Project links * Recent blog posts * Recent forum posts * Twitter feed Thoughts?
  19. They use PHP as well, so they'll be sympathetic to our struggle :P
  20. Perhaps I've been drinking too much American Kool-Aid, but Russia isn't exactly the most responsible with regards to censorship. However, I was indeed mistaken in saying they censored video games more than Australia.
  21. To be fair, my reasons are pretty much just "hurr durr government wants our games" but written with bigger words :D
  22. The problem is for citizens of countries like Russia or (to a much lesser extent) Australia, where they censor some video games. We document modifications for disabling that censorship, and ostensibly using our site could be breaking the law, regardless of how stupid that law is. I realize that governments tracking your video game habits isn't particularly concerning for the vast majority of users, but what is important for all users is preventing security vulnerabilities from revealing information, e.g. passwords, through "man-in-the-middle" and related attacks. HTTPS would hopefully help to prevent that from occurring. Also, it helps with SEO :P
  23. I love Ars, such great articles for relatively niche topics :D
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