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  1. In my opinion it simply makes the page more concise when you combine things such as availability, game data, and system requirements under a single header or table. The only things that change a lot between OS' is game data and Issues. Game Data can easily be made into a single table with a Windows row, Mac row, and Linux row. Issues on the other hand should be put into separate sections.


    If you like my idea we can go at it in two different ways:


    1) Issues and Fixes header with Windows, Mac, and Linux headers beneath.


    2) 3 different Issues and Fixes Headers: Issues and Fixes (Windows), Issues and Fixes (Mac), Issues and Fixes (Linux).


    I like the idea of having a separate page per-OS but feel like that would not only clutter the wiki but discourage users from contributing because of how complicated it would become. It'd probably be better to implement collapsible sections, which I have mentioned a few times before and seen mentioned by others.

  2. I'd recommend making a separate post in the Announcements forum to ask for suggestions since this is a pretty big change.


    Here are my suggestions:

    1) Get rid of the Kickstarter since it's over

    2) Keep Recent Changes at the bottom

    3) Make the Initiative a full-time section (though probably a bit smaller). Once the Humble Bundle Initiative is over maybe we can have a new one? A Digital Distribution Initiative, perhaps.

    4) I really like the XKCD (read the comic every day), but I'm not sure it's necessary to have it on the front page. I'd think about replacing it.

    5) A "Manual" Box. Include a LARGE link to a new page called "Getting Started" or "Getting Started on PCGamingWiki". Most newcomers don't seem to know about the sample article or rules and it's hurting the quality. You can also include the "Help Out" link in it, among other things.

    6) I'm not sure the Twitter box is important enough to keep. The only time I'd think to really use it would be if the website was offline, and if the website was offline then I couldn't reach it through the website. That's completely up to you though.

  3. The current Humble Bundle article is very long and uninformative. On top of the current Bundle page I'd like to suggest creating a page for each specific Bundle.


    I'll make a template for it on my Discussion page under Sandbox in a little bit if anyone wants to contribute or suggest things to add.


    I watched some of the Mojam2 stream and managed to get the names of all the games except for Wolfire's, which will continue to be developed through the weekend and has yet to be named as far as I can tell.


    I bought the Mojam so I'll make articles for each game once they're released. If you'd like to help or otherwise purchase the games for any reason you're still able to do so until March 2nd. I think some of them look pretty cool, even if their development won't be continued.

  4. Do we have a Digital Distribution Template page up yet?


    Here are my suggestions:


    1) Add a DRM category with 3 possible: No DRM ever (Desura), DRM occasionally (GoG?), DRM always (Steam/Origin)


    2) OS' supported (Mac App Store is only Mac, Steam is all 3 OS', etc.)


    3) Whether or not there are achievements as well as what they do (Steam - occasional unlocks, UPlay - credits for purchasing games)


    4) General Information (like game articles, Home Page, Download page, Forum, Support, etc.)


    5) Key Features (Big Picture in Steam, Old classic games in GoG, etc.)


    6) Issues with the platform (Bugs, unsupported hardware/OS, workarounds)


    7) Does it have Free to Play games? (Steam has them, Origin does not)This can be argued as useless, it really depends on if the community thinks we need it or not.

  5. Hello everyone!


    Currently, there is no easy way on this wiki to find pages that may need improvement other than looking through a large list of articles labelled as stubs/cleanups. I'd like to suggest a "Help Out" page, preferably listed on the sidebar or prominently on the front page, that is based on Wikipedia's Help Out page. It would be similar, but with only two sections (unless more are suggested), those being "Stubs" and "Cleanups".


    I was wondering if the moderators would be willing to keep this page up to date, it could be partially moderated by a bot. Mods would add pages manually but once a "stub" or "cleaup" tag is deleted the bot would automatically delete the article from the page. Due to the small userbase it probably wouldn't need to be updated more than once every one to two days.


    Recommendations for the priority of games put onto the page would be helpful. Possibly based on view count, recently released, or incredibly poor quality (e.g. uses an older version of the template, has no sources, or has poor grammar/formatting).


    Suggestions are very much appreciated.


    EDIT: A category called "Help Out" to point out articles that very badly need improvement may be a good idea. Quantum Conundrum being a good example.

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