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  1. Can we make {{Kickstarter}} and {{Indiegogo}} templates? They'd be like stubs but they'd say "This game was funded on Kickstarter", perhaps with a link to the kickstarter page?
  2. You can upload them directly to the Wiki using the "Upload File" button on the left sidebar under "Toolbox". It's preferable to do that rather than outsourcing the files. I don't quite understand the rules either, are we unable to re-size the icon to be as small as you made it? Thanks for contributing!
  3. I'd love to contribute as an editor. Personally I don't feel my writing is good enough for me to contribute, but I'd gladly edit articles for grammar, spelling, etc.
  4. I made a list of games that are Free to Play. it's not complete, and some of the listed games don't have a page on the wiki. I think we should make a "Free to Play" category so people who don't have much money to spend can find games that are free. Free to Play means: 1) Games that are free to download legally 2) Games that are free, but may have level restrictions, item shops, or membership opportunities Free to Play does NOT mean: 1) Demos 2) Games with Free Trial Periods Thoughts?
  5. I copied it to Template:CN as well if that's okay. Should we just copy what it says on the Wikipedia page for citation needed, but with more relevant info to this wiki specifically?
  6. That could be possible, but mostly release dates, developers, engine, or claims about a developer saying something.
  7. I'd like a citation needed {{CN}} or {{Citation Needed}} template for use on pages that don't have any references but need them. Can anyone help make that? It would just be a superscript "[Citation Needed]" like on Wikipedia.
  8. The Oculus RIft looks like it's going to be a very big deal and getting ourselves out there as a good place to find information on it may be a good idea. I doubt any of you have an Oculus, and I definitely don't expect anyone to throw down 300$ for one, but I was wondering if anyone thinks we should try support it. There are various wikis and forums with lots of info on the subject, so we can probably take info from them. For example, Team Fortress 2 got Oculus support today (Source) and it already has a wiki page on the subject. We could take information from their page when using it on the Team Fortress 2 page. As for the Oculus Rift page itself, we should include configuration information as well as a list of games that support the Oculus Rift, or are planning to support it.
  9. Great idea. Here's the template page on Wikipedia if you can somehow reuse their code (I can use a lot of Wiki syntax but not programming).
  10. It'd mostly be for actually finding the series pages with broken links. Stubs and Cleanups have their own page so you can go through and look at them all, but there's no way to do this for series pages.
  11. Various series' such as SimCity and Duke Nukem have various games missing. Can we make a label for series pages with pages that are missing?
  12. I believe we used to do this but decided it wasn't really relevant to the point of the wiki, that being fixes for games. Most people won't use this wiki to find games, but to fix games they already own. I suppose it could be potentially used to find games that have lax DRM and few issues, but in that case we could start putting the game's Wikipedia page in the general information section. What do you think of that alternative?
  13. In the Navigation and Helpout sections can you make the text link to the pages (the images already do, but it's not obvious that you can click them). Windows, Mac, Linux, Guides, Cleanups, and Stubs should all have text links where their text currently is.
  14. I'm sure everyone can agree that the Humble Bundle Initiative worked really well for improving and creating a large amount of pages. Since the 20th will likely be the end of the initiative I was wondering if anyone was interested in creating another after its done. Feel free to drop your suggestions here. Steam for Linux: Make a page for every single game available on Steam for Linux.Here's a good list of them, sort by "Status" to easily track those that are available currently. Digital Distribution: Improve all the distribution pages (Steam, Origin, etc.) and create an official sample article for distributions platforms Steam Summer Sale: Obviously this wouldn't happen until the sale actually happened, but it could be a good idea to use the sales to draw in people. We'd have to work quickly, but since there are usually only 9~ games heavily discounted and shown on the front page each day (and usually they're popular games that already have complete articles) it shouldn't be too hard. We might also want to work on the Flash Sale pages as well. Developer/Publisher-Specific: Large companies such as EA, Valve, or Bethesda who have a lot of games that are incredibly popular may be a good choice for an initiative. Especially if their games aren't yet well represented on the wiki.
  15. My best friend's username at the time was "nicegreeny" and my favorite color is red, clearly I'm not the best at original names. It's stuck with me because it'd be too much work to change it now.
  16. We could probably create a bot that scours comments on gaming blogs and replies "STFU go to PCGW" with a link. Have you tried contacting Destructoid? They seem to have a really friendly staff and may be willing to talk to you.
  17. Is there any way to fix the template itself rather than having to do this manually? Thanks for the help, I'll add Battle.net to all the relevant pages.
  18. I'm having two problems with the availability table for StarCraft II and its expansion. First of all, adding an "=" to the Availability table messes it up and there doesn't seem to be any way of fixing this. The problem with that being that the StarCraft Blizzard Store URL looks like this: http://us.blizzard.com/store/details.xml?id=1100001122. This is unfixable and the URL can't be worked around unless we were to use a URL shortener, which isn't exactly the best solution My second problem is with Battle.net. Currently there's no Battle.net ID and I was wondering if anyone could help make it. It should look something like this (just the logo, of course) and can be used on most pages about games made by Blizzard. Thanks for the help, have a nice day.
  19. We need to improve the sample article (and make one for digital distribution platforms) and make the template guides more thorough.
  20. I'll include a link to their respective pages for now, then.
  21. After looking through the site a little bit more I've found that the owner is rather strict with his ownership of content. Under Copyright law we may not take things from his site. He has said that he occasionally allows people to use it and, to paraphrase, he says he wants it to be free and open to everyone. While the site is free and open to all it is ad-supported, so I'm doubtful he'll allow us to use his content.Here's the question on his FAQ regarding his strict copyright. I'd recommend you contact him, Andy since I'm not all that good with professional emails.
  22. I think we can do those things in a cleaner way. Maybe include a hub for Windows, Mac, and Linux games linked through their respective images? It would be a lot cleaner and smaller, but would still convey the message you want.
  23. Hello everyone. I stumbled upon TweakGuides.com today. It was linked in the Battlefront II page and I thought it would be a good idea to go through it and implement information in it into pages. It has a large list of games on the left sidebar that we can get information from. If anyone would like to help it'd be appreciated.
  24. I think the Recent Changes are incredibly important for editors. The Recently Edited Articles don't serve much of a functional purpose if I'm honest. I'd vote for Recently Edited Articles to be kicked off the island.
  25. The template idea is great. In America it would default to Month Day, Year while the rest of the world would have sane organization. I'll change as many articles as I can if we make this. Perhaps the possibility for {{OS|Month|Day|Year}} as well so we can change from super-text to anything else as we wish, as I don't really know whether supertext or Wikipedia version is better.
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