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  1. I spent a bit of time today making the Wikipedia Article for the PCGamingWiki. It's available here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCGamingWiki You can help add to it if possible, it'd be appreciated.
  2. Did they say Tsari for calling you "Andrew Tsari" in the title originally?
  3. Many older games have multiple infoboxes in their page (See Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II for good examples). I was wondering if this was an acceptable practice or if these should be removed?
  4. Hey, I wanted to suggest a few things to change in the Sample Article but didn't want to do anything without first getting everyone else's opinions. * The Windows, Mac, and Linux headers should be h2 not h1 (Wikipedia's manual states that h1 should be reserved for the article name), and all the sections underneath them would of course be made smaller as well * Clarify what goes in the engine section of the infobox, most users just put a Wikipedia link but the sample article says to link to the page for the engine on our wiki * Make system requirements their own separate section, rather than separate for each OS * Make the controller line in the sample sheet say unknown rather than true, that seems to be a mistake? Thoughts?
  5. Next time try using Google+ Hangouts. They allow you to record them and post them on YouTube (privately or otherwise). It's probably good for interviews so you can watch it again later. These look like interesting additions, was there anyone else in the video chat besides you and him?
  6. I realize most people don't buy games through the Availability table on the Wiki, but for those that do I think it could be nice to do something like this: http://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comme ... th_childs/ r/GameDeals has set up affiliate links with charities including Child's Play, the EFF, and Able Gamers in order to drive some money towards those charities. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing this, and if Andy could work with one of these charities to do this. We could also funnel some money towards ourselves, although I have no idea if we can in fact do that. What I was thinking was that someone (preferably someone with better programming skills then myself) could create a bot that automatically adds these tags to the end of Amazon links on pages which have them. Just a thought, feel free to call me a twat.
  7. This has been happening to me with various links. I use middle click to open links in a new tab. It usually happens with the Availability table, specifically GamersGate links. It may be a MediaWiki glitch?
  8. I fixed some spelling errors and fixed a lot of links that were broken despite the pages existing (Borderlands DLC, for example). Hope it helps.
  9. Holy cow, this game series is a complete mess. The first game doesn't have online anymore and isn't available on Steam, 2011 has SecuROM, 2012 is available no where, and I can't find info on Cities XL Platinum.
  10. I made the series page and I'm currently working on the first Cities XL. Can you clarify what exactly Cities XL Platinum is? Is it a remake or something? I can't find any information on Cities XL, only Cities XL Platinum, 2011, and 2012.
  11. Nicereddy

    New here

    Welcome to the PCGW! I made an unofficial "empty" template for games I don't own but wanted to make articles for. It's set up so if you don't know something about the game you just don't change anything and it works fine (besides System Requirements). If a game isn't available on Mac/Linux you can just delete the game data rows and system requirement tables for them. Please also include a stub tag if the article is incomplete. http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Nicer ... tyTemplate This syntax (meaning code) sheet may also help you, it's for Wikipedia but we share a lot of the same syntax, so most of it should work. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Cheatsheet
  12. Posted at http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Nicereddy#Specs.
  13. It's similar to Linux in its use of a Home directory, but I had a friend of mine confirm. We tested a few games and they all are located in the same steamapps directory and the steamapps directory is located here: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps
  14. Defiance seems to be incredibly popular and it gives you an expansion for Rift so we can improve both pages at once. The problem is price, since it's 60$. Just wondering if we were planning on covering it (I can't since I don't want to risk my computer not being able to run it).
  15. I have a lot of the games including Half-Life and I've spent some time today already improving the articles, as well as one other person. Here's the list of GoldSrc games for those that want to help, I'll see what I can do. * GoldSrc
  16. The Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero pages need settings and game data information. If you have either of these games, please contribute! * Counter-Strike (1.6) * Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
  17. Please only post articles that: 1) You believe are deserving of a makeover - Pages that are either very very poor or simply of low quality, but about a popular game or franchise 2) You need help with - Pages that you need syntax help with or that need parts only someone with the game can fill 3) Pages that don't yet exist but you believe should be - Preferably you'd make the easily researchable parts of the page, but if you don't own the game or you can't find info on it you can post it here Please link to the article, don't just state it's name. You can do that using the following code: [url=PageURL]Hyperlinked Text[/url] If you update it and believe it's finished (or up to a good quality standard) please post in this thread again saying it's done. Thanks for your help!
  18. We should probably only use it when it's true, or else 99% of the pages would have a useless box that says false. Also, shouldn't it be an input setting not a video setting?
  19. After a bit of sleuthing I've found that the game location for Steam games on Mac and Windows are incredibly similar. For example, Team Fortress 2 is located in /steamapps/username/team fortress 2 on both Mac and Windows. The problem is I can't be sure 100% where the Steam folder is on Mac. I believe it's in "~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/", can someone confirm?
  20. There was a rage comic on the front page? Dear god, that's horrendous.
  21. I think cheat codes are a reasonable thing to add, though they really only ever appear in older games nowadays. As for other types of cheats, do you mean mods or just console commands, because we already cover both of those. Auto-aim and mods of that nature, however, are probably not an acceptable thing to add as they generally ruin the experience for others rather than improving it.
  22. The creator of Defy Gravity Extended often posts on reddit and I'm sure he'd be willing to be interviewed. His game wasn't all that popular but it was a port from the xbox360 version. We could ask him about challenges of porting from a console, differences between working with Valve and Microsoft, etc. It could be really interesting.
  23. We don't need articles for these games sincscse they're purely mobile, but if someone can add it to the page that'd be good. I can't from where I am. Also add this weeks humble weekly bundle.
  24. Two suggestions (writing this from a tablet, sorry for any awkward fformatting or spelling): Get rid of numbers inn the reviews. I realize numbers are helpful, but we should do something like what WSGF does, but for each section, if at all (I hate numbered/lettered reviews and it seems to be a growing opinion) Second, can we get a sub forums specifically for the blog?
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