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  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had copies of Duke Nukem or Duke Nukem II in their Steam/GOG.com libraries. I've been working on the game's pages and the only thing left to do for Duke I and II is add the screenshots of settings. If anyone could help with that it'd be appreciated. Here are the pages: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Duke_Nukem http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Duke_Nukem_II
  2. We might want to make it a self-post and put the best one inside of it so we can easily link to the PCGW and so we don't get accused of karma whoring.
  3. Andytizer and I were discussing potentially adding WINEHQ's AppDB information to our pages. It would be similar to the current WSGF template in that it would show the rank and have a link to the AppDB page. For those that don't know WINE stands for "WINE Is Not an Emulator" and is a Windows "emulator" for OS X and Linux. We wanted to know if others were interested in this, and whether or not they thought it was useful. We'd also like suggestions as to where we should put it, I was thinking Improvements > WINE. For an example of a WINEHQ AppDB page see the Team Fortress 2 page.
  4. When Humble Bundles/Weekly Sales come out, if we have enough pages supported at the time of their release I'll usually comment with links to their PCGamingWiki pages. I usually do this in /r/games, /r/GameDeals, and /r/Steam in their respective Humble Bundle threads. Here's the most recent one I did for Serious Sam: http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/ ... ?context=3 I wanted to make sure this was acceptable, I don't do it for every bundle, since I've skipped the last 3 deals they've had, and I comment more than enough for that to make up much less than 10% of my content.
  5. I definitely agree that it should be ordered "general, positive, negative". I know a few pages have "OS X and Linux support is planned for the future". Do you think this is a good thing to put in the key points?
  6. There's nothing showing up under the "Steam Top 10 Sellers" header on the home page.
  7. Shouldn't HD remakes be separate from the key points? I usually put them above the key points/general information with italics. "For the 2012 HD remake see *game name*".
  8. The section is there but not the feed itself. Anyone else having this problem?
  9. I think categorization may be a good way of doing this. We can start using categories more often in templates so if "Steam cloud = true" then it would be Categorized under "Steam Cloud Support". Similarly we could do this with other steam features such as achievements and trading cards.
  10. Don't worry Andy, we're trying very hard to make your servers run out of space :P
  11. The current-gen Kinect "watches" you if it's plugged in, I believe it's in the ToS. Personally I'd much prefer the PS4 over the next Xbox. The only thing I'd use it for other than gaming is Netflix, which the PS4 can do just fine. Personally I can't justify the 5$+ per month for Xbox Live (to just access services I already pay for!) and I don't understand how anyone really can. Maybe it's just because I hate Microsoft, but this really didn't impress. I've never used the Kinect my brother insisted we get, so I find that a useless reason to jack up the price of the thing. I think I'll stay away from consoles this generation unless something big changes.
  12. In the video settings template it says "fullscreen", but outputs "Borderless Fullscreen Windowed". This is incredibly confusing and leads to incorrect information on pages. Can we please differentiate them in the template?
  13. When there are no recommended items in the System Requirements table, would it be possible to simply make the minimum column go across the entire table? Everything else would stay as it is.
  14. Since The Sims 4 is coming out soon there will be a lot of attention on the Sims series. Let's update it. http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Series:The_Sims
  15. Can we begin creating a page for games that are currently on sale? For example, Just Cause 2 is a daily sale and here is a list of this week's Steam Weekly sales. We could create a page listing all the games that are on sale and have it in the Help Out section, perhaps? As long as it's not featured on the Home Page we can have it available for anyone to edit.
  16. Unfortunately 6PM GMT is 11AM in my time zone so I won't be able to help immediately except for maybe on the weekend sales. Yesterday I worked on the Tomb Raider series a bit since most of the series didn't have pages or had poor pages and it was on sale, so I hope that helped.
  17. I do this a lot because a lot of people come to find out if a game is optimized, has FOV sliders, etc. etc. It may be a good idea to add a "Needs fixes" template, but I think these pages should be left alone for now. I focus mostly on making pages for games just to start off so someone else can come in and finish it if they own the game.
  18. 1. I think so, yes. If they're notable enough or a stand-alone expansion they should be. Starcraft expansions, WoW expansions, Blood Dragon, Civ5: BNW, etc. 2. I think they should be separate pages because, while many expansions have the same engines and similar problems, including their separate fixes on the page clutters it. This shouldn't be done for DLC because generally those don't have much difference, only for large expansions. 3. I don't quite understand this question? 4. I generally only include the first release date (whether that be the EU date or NA date), however this can potentially cause confusion amongst users. Currently it's not really easily possible to give it two dates.
  19. If we want to make it more notable we should name it differently. "List:DRM" for example. That'd help for SEO as well as finding the page for people already on the Wiki. I've added "The big list of DRM" to the Steam page for you, Special.
  20. See here. The thumbnail is an ad rather than the PCGW logo. Any idea how to fix this?
  21. We should make an "Information Sources" page that includes Wikipedia, WSGF, etc. We can include this as well. I'm not sure how beneficial partnering up with him would be though.
  22. I've removed the expansions I could find including the Quake series, the Icewind Dale series, and the Baldur's Gate series. I've left information on the talk pages of their respective articles if we want to use Newmanman's idea.
  23. I like that idea the best, especially for games that have expansions but not a series box. Maybe instead of having expansions/DLC in the series box we could have them in the game infobox?
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