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  1. Just nitpicking, but Half Life should be 'Half-Life'. Great list so far :D
  2. "Thank you Mario, but our file is in another folder!" - Super Mario Bros. "Move that fix up!" - The Engineer in Team Fortress 2 "It costs $400,000 to run this wiki... for 12 seconds." - The Heavy in Team Fortress 2 "Hudda hudda huh!" - The Pyro in Team Fortress 2 "All your fix are belong to us." - Zero Wing
  3. Can I suggest 'Yeah, we're still waiting for Half Life 3 too.' again? I love that one. Also, 'When life hands you lemons, post games fixes' should probably 'When life gives you lemons, post games fixes' since that's the more common usage.
  4. Soon there will be 2 kinds of people. Those who use computers, and those who use PCGamingWiki. (Apple advertisement) I came here to chew bubble gum and fix PC Games... and I'm all out of bubble gum. (Duke Nukem) The right file in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. (Half-Life 2) If life gives you errors, burn life's house down - with the errors! (Portal 2 - could use some work) I am error. (Legend of Zelda II) The fix is super effective! (Pokemon) This should probably be 7 billion, because nitpicking.
  5. GFWLMP is shutting down in 3 days. Shall we begin removing it? Source: http://tech2.in.com/news/gaming/microsoft-to-shut-down-games-for-windows-live-marketplace-on-august-22/911452
  6. So.. there is a god? He's a bit of a narcissist.
  7. I'd argue for Team Fortress 2 because it's still getting frequently patched, as are CS:GO, DOTA 2, Don't Starve, and a few others. On the other hand, games like Half-Life, Half-Life 2, World of Goo, Puddle, RUSH, Splice, etc. aren't really getting updated anymore.
  8. Do you think we can get Garrbot to organize the templates in Pridit's preferred order (stub -> cleanup -> review code -> development)? That'd help unify the pages a bit.
  9. I'm using 1366x768/Chromium (fully updated)/Ubuntu 13.04. It only happens when I zoom out to 90% in Chromium, so you may be able to do it no matter what resolution your screen is.
  10. Unfortunately my PC can't really handle Mirror's Edge all that well, so I've only played the first level so far. Despite this, I love it. DICE is one of a handful of developers that I will buy just about anything from. From what I can tell their company is clearly filled with very intelligent people who actually enjoy what they do, while at the same time taking it very seriously. If it was given more freedom I think Mirror's Edge would have been even more universally praised. If Mirror's Edge 2 is a proper PC port with the gunplay removed (or improved, I suppose), then I'd probably buy it.
  11. Just interested if there's been any progress for this feature?
  12. Just a small problem I have with the design. On the sidebar the "Wiki" and "Toolbox" sections are dropdowns' whereas everything else opens automatically. I also think either the font is differently sized or just different? Not sure, but it looks weird to me. Personally, I'd prefer if those were opened automatically, the dropdown removed, aligned to the left, and then resized to the proper font-size. EDIT: I also discovered this. There's a little while line going across the header. Might just be me?
  13. Team Fortress 2 - Per usual, this is my game of choice. I'm nearing 800 hours in the game and still don't have an unusual hat. I main soldier and have been experimenting with different loadouts since the big balance update a few weeks ago. Currently, my new favorite is Liberty Launcher, Gunboats (can we combine those with the Mantreads please, Valve?), and Pain Train (or the Equalizer if there's no point to capture/cart to push). However I sometimes replace the Liberty Launcher with the vanilla Rocket Launcher since I have it in Strange quality and I'm used to it's physics. The majority of you have likely already played this game and formed your opinions on it, but if anyone is interested in a PC FPS to start off with, this one is free to play and can run on nearly everything (with a bit of configuration). DOTA 2 - My friends and I have been hosting LAN parties for the past 2(?) years now and we're slowly moving from Team Fortress 2 over to DOTA. I still prefer TF2, but I can understand the interest in the game. I still suck since I never play it outside of our LAN parties. The Linux version is all kinds of glitchy so I boot into Windows in order to play, something I do rarely. I think I'll probably get into this more as its problems are patched out. If you're interested in the game it's free to play like TF2 and will also run on nearly everything. I'd recommend starting off by reading "Welcome to DOTA, You Suck".
  14. Awesome! Now all I want is GTA IV (and V) to get a proper port without GFWL, maybe with OS X (And Linux :P) support?
  15. Currently there's no border between the content and the advertisements on content pages. I think we should at least have a light line separating the two from each other to avoid confusion.
  16. This makes me want to go back and play through Mirror's Edge. I only played the first few levels because I lagged too bad and it became frustrating. I really wish DICE had more freedom to do what they wanted, their game studio is clearly filled with geniuses. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Looks much better! However, I'd change the background of either the site itself or the PCGW logo to match each other. Or just make the PCGW logo transparent! Some problems: On the forums "Wiki" has two tabs. The favicon on the forum is now no longer the PCGW favicon, but an Invision Power Board logo.
  18. I've crossed it off on the GOG.com list, thanks!
  19. http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Amnesia:_The_Dark_Descent The game just got released on GOG.com. All it needs is settings and settings images and it can be crossed off. It won't run on my computer, anyone up for the job?
  20. What about games like DOTA 2 or Minecraft which are constantly under development but technically released. Is that what the first one is for?
  21. I agree with Soeb, these are much more simplistic and readable than the previous icons. Huge improvement!
  22. I agree with Soeb, too bright of a green and becomes a bit of an eye sore.
  23. I like this idea, any ideas on the image?
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