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  1. I'm also actually amazed that none of the PCGW editors have jumped into steam controller bandwagon at all. When it was released there was TONS of coverage everywhere, but most seemed to focus on controllers feel and general working on games, instead of technical aspects of it, which made me buy the bloody thing just so I could know and test that stuff >_>


    I jumped on the bandwagon! It's changing a lot, so information would need to be updated constantly. Also I think Valve considers OS X users second-class citizens, so all the problems I have are likely because I'm a Mac pleb :(

  2. My problem with this is that we'll never have enough users updating this information as Dolphin is updated over time. I started an initiative to get emulators and controllers articles with more thorough documentation, but they've mostly gone to the wayside due to lack of interest and difficulty in testing.


    Dolphin has their own wiki that tracks game compatibility, doesn't it? I think that'd be the best place to track this, otherwise we'll be thinning ourselves out to track tens of thousands of games across all kinds of platforms.

  3. Steam just implemented these for the store pages themselves. Only about 30 currently say they support any of them, but the feature is only a few days old. It may be worth looking into implementing these for PCGamingWiki.


    For example Windlands uses a few of them. You can search for games that support the HTC Vive explicitly, or the Oculus Rift explicitly, or Seated/Room-Scale/Standing. Tracked motion controllers is also a new one we don't currently support (AFAIK).


    See here:




  4. Oh boy, bait for a text editor war. I'll recommend Sublime Text and Atom.


    Sublime Text caveats:

    • Free, but will notify you with purchase reminders every couple hours (if you have it open)
    • Not open source


    Atom caveats:

    •  It's an Electron app, meaning it's written in JavaScript, meaning it can be slow if you open too large of a file.

    So those are my recommendations.

  5. I would definitely support an expansion and unification of our lists. Very happy to see my Local Multiplayer list used by so many :)


    The biggest things, I think, are: design, responsive design for mobile users, and making it easy to sort by platforms/controller support/other relevant fields. Unfortunately right now it's not very easy to sort by, say, OS X games on the Local Multiplayer list. Games which have dedicated servers anyone can host, which are useable over LAN would be a really good idea for a list. Definitely would be useful for my group of friends, we're pretty much just doing Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Dota 2, and some Minecraft at our LAN parties.

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