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  1. For anybody else that has this issue and finds this thread, the workaround is to use the 'F' button (PC) to punch instead of LMB.
  2. Apologies - I wasn't clear; when I had the quoted issue it was before your fix existed. I was quoting now as I drew similarities between them. I've now tried again without loading the ultrawide fix at all (I couldn't be bothered to play through the mission a fourth time yesterday) and it still occurs, so it is unfortunately a game bug.
  3. I had this problem with the mission above, and I've just hit a similar one with the Prologue: Act I mission Jim Milton Rides, Again. When I get tackled in the barn and would have to fist fight the chief douchebag, I cannot punch. I can block/dodge and move around, but not punch. I have managed to get out weapons (which isn't supposed to be possible during fist fights) but I cannot use those either.
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