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  1. Hopefully it's doing nothing except proxying to the real site with custom ads displayed. It rubs me the wrong way they are basically profiteering off of a wiki. On the other hand, I am concerned about the intentions behind whomever is behind the site, since the traffic to the site is unsecured/unecrypted. I tried to dig up some info on the host and people behind the domain, but I got nothing asides from the fact that this site was created on January 11 2020. By the way, I'm usually just a guy browsing the wiki, and made this account just to report this. Is there anyway to deactivate or d
  2. I found this website, gahomesaver.com that looks and functions like an exact copy of PCGamingWiki. Is this website at all affiliated with PCGamingWiki? I am concerned that it might be malicious since it might be trying to deceive someone.
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