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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I appreciate it. Computer novice here. I'm jumping into this game because it's a total blast from the past 🙂 So I can follow your instructions easily from here, but then what do I do with the download that is attached to this page? When I unzip it, I get these two folders...do I have to paste them into Flawless widescreen folder? Sorry again, I know how dumb all this must sound
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I don't have a triple monitor though. I have a 49 inch wide that is 5120x1440... do I still have to do the "borderless window" step? Sorry, one more question...I manually start this everytime before launching doom right? This won't mess up any other games or anything because I mainly use iRacing and don't want to mess up the display settings on that...
  3. sorry, I know this sounds really dumb, but I can't get to step 1. I downloaded the file, but then when I unzip them, I only get two folders 1) plugins 2) plugincache I don't even see how I can install flawless widescreen? Can someone please assist? Thanks!
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