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  1. Hiyas Keith, Yes just paste them into the Flawless Widescreen folder (as shown in my original photo above). So if you want to unzip the file from Helifax on your desktop, go ahead... just take the 2 folders and put them directly into the Flawless Widescreen folder. -MH
  2. Hello Keith. You do not need to do my additional steps as it is intended for those that seek how to do Eyefinity / Surround (multiple monitors). You just need to follow as Helifax (I added photos to help): - Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flawless Widescreen\" and unpack the content of this archive. (If it asks about overwriting some folders, accept - it will add new files and not overwrite any existing ones.) - Start FWS and select the plugin (under Helifax section). - Enable the plugin. - Play the game Start only when you want to play Doom, and close i
  3. Hello All (Especially those wanting Eyefinity / Surround) , This Patch worked great!!! I use Triple Monitor 7680 x 1440 and had to do the following: Launch Game (without Flawless Widescreen running) as normal Once inside game got to setting ("K" key for quick access) Inside setting go to the video tab Under Display Menu, go to first field "Window Mode" and select "Borderless Window" from the options (Fullscreen / Windowed) Apply Changes ("F" key for quick access) and Exit Game Now Start "Flawless Widescreen" and have program running as Helifax inst
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