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  1. Hi !

    Doom eternal got updated yesterday along the release of The Ancient Gods Part2. That broke compatibility with the flawless Widescreen plugin for 32:9 aspect ratio.

    Are you working on a fix by any chance ? 

    Thanks again for your work, 



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    2. leborgne23


      That would be great. Thanks again

    3. Helifax@WSGF


      From what I see in the latest update, the game handles 32:9 aspect ratio correctly now.
      Not sure a fix is required anymore...

    4. leborgne23


      You’re right, I ran familiar levels to double check and yes the aspect ratio is now properly handled by the game. Sorry for the inconvenience, I should have known better. Thanks again. 

  2. Haha! You managed to get it working, my version? Awesome! At least I am really glad it helped 😄 I have my Alienware Area51m in pieces for 2 days, trying to change the heatsink with a custom made vapor chamber :)) Was basically taking all my time :))
  3. Awesome! I see you fixed the Icons as well! That is great! I didn't get around to update my fix for the game after it was broken yesterday by the new update.
  4. Ok... I manually did the hex Edits... and it seems the markers/buttons are perfectly aligned until the FOV is changed. I think where the trainer computes the FOV it does it only for the rendering and not the UI. I think this is where the real problem is...
  5. I had zero issue in 32:9 until I got in the hotel to the 1st split screen. That is why I said, I fixed the single screen part of the game.
  6. I managed to make the button prompts almost100% aligned (they still wobble a bit, but they are more of less where they should be) for the single camera mode. I am having difficulty with the dual camera mode, this is why I asked 🙂 This is when using the trainer 🙂 Thanks!
  7. Yes, I read that, but that doesn't changes the FOV it seems. I think the trainer does a lot of things better than the hexedit, however it seems the buttons are always broken. I did play with the standards 16/9 aspect ratio, but that doesn't seem to fix the issue with the UI when used with the trainer. Hence my question 😄
  8. Awesome job so far! I am trying to fix the button prompts for 32:9, but I am having some weird issues and I would like to know better what is your trainer injecting exactly. For example, if I load the game and launch the trainer, F8 the aspect ratio will be incorrect, but the icons will be visible. The moment I alt+enter to correct the AR, the AR is now correct but the buttons are wrong. This tells me that the trainer is correcting an AR that shouldn't be corrected. Could you please tell me what is the trainer actually doing? :) It would help me to find out where the issue exists :)
  9. Probably the new update changed something. I will have to check it in the future and probably update it 🙂
  10. Awesome that someone updated the fix. I will make sure to include it here. Sorry for not being able to look at the game or update the fix. I have a lot of other things on my plate atm :)
  11. The fix still woks fine on the latest version (DRM free) from Epic Game Store. Nvidia Driver 446.14. (I haven't checked on a newer driver version, as it doesn't really add anything new and interesting for me).
  12. The fix still works fine here! I am playing as we speak! however, I noticed one major problem. The Depth of Field (DOF) doesn't scale with the fix. It's like the old 16:9 resolution is used to calculate it on a 32:9 Aspect Ratio. Has anyone noticed this?
  13. The fix is only for DirectX 11 as 3DMigoto works only for DX11.
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