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  1. Where to start...the game has large framerate drops frequently, including during cutscenes. It gets MUCH worse when driving the batmobile. There is a significant lack of graphics options so the only way to disable motion blur is through the config file. That causes the game to crash on startup unless you also disable depth of field, which disables ALL post-processing effects including AA and I believe ambient occlusion. Then, you will experience an instant crash when gliding unless you also disable enhanced rain. The game also has significant chromatic aberration (WHY?!?) which I have
  2. A couple things to note: The water quality mostly affects tesselation of water, but low and medium also disable the physics simulation so boats will not be affected by waves. Also as ChaosBahamut said, Ultra textures just increases the streaming texture budget to cut down on pop-in compared to the High setting. As for Hairworks, it performs just as poorly as TressFX even on nVidia cards though it will perform moderately better on newer cards with better tesselation performance. Due to it using dynamic tesselation, the performance impact becomes greater the closer the camera is to Geralt
  3. I should note that currently fullscreen mode is nonfunctional from the menu. Whether the option is enabled or not, the game runs in borderless windowed mode (though the game will minimize if you alt+tab with the option checked.) Fullscreen mode can only be enabled by enabling OpenGL rendering through the command line.
  4. I did some digging through the game files and it looks like the game uses SMAA T2X rather than FXAA or TXAA like others have speculated. It does a very good job in my experience. If you're talking about the tallest building, that's due to a forced chromatic aberration effect that as of yet, nobody has been able to figure out how to disable. The color separation near the edges of the screen is quite severe.
  5. I never thought to try opening one of these before. I've repaired potentiometers in a similar way though.
  6. FYI: Retail key redemption has not worked since the update. Valve and WB are looking into it and hopefully it will be fixed soon.
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