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  1. Hi there! :) Some time passed and here is update. Firstly, price was reduced. Additionally program is on sale now. Secondly, more games are supported. Also support for some existing games improved thanks to program updates. Now to program features. 1. Dark theme was added. 2. Screenshot manager was added. Can move PNG screenshots into nicely named subdirectories. 3. Second EXE without admin rights was added to solve problems with Steam initialization. 4. Launch parameters are injected when game is started with "Launch game" but
  2. This is not a standalone program that can be ported freely on any platform. It's meant for Windows Steam (at the moment) games. Steam is not supported on Windows XP anymore. You can download very old Steam version but how long will it be allowed to log in? Besides it's not that easy to make XP version. Last version of Qt framework that supports XP is 4 years old, and may have some features missing. You also need old matching Visual Studio. All that effort to support couple of games that may not work on Windows 7 or above? Not reasonable. It would be more appr
  3. Glad you like it! :) Sadly not everyone seems to understand idea. This is not open source program, but don't worry. Even if coronavirus will wipe us developers, you can still add new games :) Here is example config: { "title": "BioShock Infinite", "steam-id": 8870, "process-name": "BioShockInfinite.exe", "main-config": "${MY_DOCUMENTS_DIR}/My Games/BioShock Infinite/XGame/Config/XEngine.ini", "saves-location": "${STEAM_USERDATA_ACCOUNT_DIR}/8870/remote/SaveData", "config-type": "INI", "tweaks": [ { "title": "Disable startup vide
  4. Hi there! :) We talked with Andrew about our program. It might be featured later in more official fashion. But for now forum post seems to be best way to introduce it. Released on Steam previous week: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1190750/GameAssistant_The_Tool_For_Every_Gamer We thoroughly analyzed each supported game and in many cases our program provides some exclusive tweaks that are not listed on PC Gaming Wiki. When there are descriptions of useful changes that are hard to automate, we show link that directs to PC Gaming Wiki page. In case of disabling
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