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  1. h1ms3lfito

    Noita ultrawide mod

    Hell yes! =] But since it is a known issue I should stop trying to fix it on my end. Can probably get rid of that with some black tape at top and botton of the monitor... xD Thanks again!!
  2. h1ms3lfito

    Noita ultrawide mod

    Great mod and tnks a ton! Problem, dunno if its just me: https://imgur.com/yIPqJYs Notice the sky color is being displayed in a line on top of the screen (from top center extending all the way to the sky in top right corner) Basically, as I move around, the top or botton (or both) will display a line "mirroring" the color of what should be further away in that direction (either above or below) of the gameworld. I tried editing some values around but no luck, is there any trick or editing to fix that?? Thanks for any help! Running at 2560x1080 Steam version.
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