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  1. Recently got the first 3 for cheap from GoG and they still hold up pretty well even though being more then a decade old. I remember being blown away back then by the first one but also finding the gameplay extremely challenging, so much so that i gave up after a while and went back to "simpler" things. Revisiting them now, so many years later, i find it a lot easier, while still having the feeling of being challenged. You get a real sense of accomplishment when you finish a mission successfully. I reckon that with age i jgrew more patient and such, as one does with most things.
  2. Bloody brilliant. Excellent piece of work fellows. Love the mustache.
  3. Well sure, but if you want people to fully enjoy your game then you should at least give the player some subtle but clear hints that will get you going. I didn't get that at all. Yes i noticed posters, paintings and writings spread out through the Fez's world but nowhere did it suggest that it actually meant something more than just that. Anyhow, this is how i experienced it.
  4. I quite liked Fez, even though there are a lot of people more or less hating on it, even some of the bigger names in the field. (Might have something to do with the Fish guy who's behind it.) Words like unoriginal and unimaginative come to pass. Sure most of it has been done before and a lot of little things and sounds even reminded me of classic games like Zelda and platformers like Mario but that didn't bother me at all. I'd rather see something copied right than something made up and implemented badly. It seems more likely that those older titles just inspired mr. Fish. And i really did like how everything in Fez worked out. It all feels very well done and controls are good. I did however feel a little lost at sea when it came to all the secrets. That part of the game , with the whole hidden language thing , even though ingeniously thought out, isn't explained to the player very well and can looked over quite easily. If it wasn't for me stumbling over it somewhere in the Steam community i would never have known.
  5. A whole bunch of stuff to be honest. With all the Humble Bundle and Steam deals i threw money at it recent weeks it's hard to focus on just one. Kid in a candy store kind of thing. Sticking to the older titles though due to world travelling and just having a "13 inch AMD E-series netbook which is just powerful enough to handle stuff from before say 2004 and the simpler titles from now (Fez, FTL, Greed Corp. etc.). At the moment i'm re-enjoying GTA: Vice City, which is a horrible port by the way but it's just so damn good that it is forgivable (hard to mod on Steam though), and have been playing Dungeon Siege, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Monkey Island 2: SE on and off. Not having a monster PC at my disposal isn't all that bad you know, gives me a chance to play some missed classics.
  6. A very ambitious shooter indeed by a small unknown developer somewhere in the Ukraine and i too was looking forward to it back then after seeing the first trailers. I found it hard to get into though when i started it. It was very rough around the edges, plagued by many bugs and glitches, and i almost gave up after the first two hours too to tell you the truth because it is also a very unforgiving game, especially in the beginning when you start out with basically nothing while (good) weapons and ammunition are hard to come by. Going to one of the first bandit outposts down the road with a knife and a rusty old handgun and a hand full of bullets just got me a one way ticket to the save and load game screen. Over and over did i try it everytime getting a bit farther into their compound and everytime getting my ass handed to me, either because i ran out of bullets or because they came from all directions armed with sawed off shotguns. I really was about to call it quits after that but i'm glad i gave it one last chance after that because once you do get through that tough beginning you'll start getting better gear and better arms and that's when the real fun begins. Best thing i remember from STALKER were the amazing shootouts to be had. They were challenging yet fun at the same time because as you mentioned, the AI was really good. And the fact that weapons could jam or break at any moment and ammo being scarce just added to the difficulty and realism. And as i remember it, it was the same for the enemy, wasn't it? STALKER wasn't perfect but it sure gave me a hell of a good time. I downloaded it via Good Old Games not too long ago. Glad i did too because you get an install.exe instead of a Steam integration and that makes modding so much easier, and the game does need a couple of good mods to make it more hospitable. I'm a first time player you see. And i'm not talking any game changing mods or changing the odds or anything, just higher resolution textures, nicer effects, redesigned hud and inventory making it a lot more user friendly, that kind of thing. Worked really well, gave the somewhat dated game a good polish. Excellent modding community behind it i have to say
  7. #1 Half-Life series Didn't want to turn it into a Half-Life top 5 so I thought i'd just combine them all together in first place because that's where i feel they all belong to me. I bought the original Half-Life back in 1998 when it was released not exactly knowing what to expect apart from having read a raving review in a magazine. I Never was into Doom or Hexen that much, but after an hour into HL i was sold on (story driven) first person shooters, and man did Valve do that right with HL. I don't think any shooters has ever been able to top it story wise. I did actually like the expansion Opposing Force a bit more because that time round i was able to play as one of the merciless soldiers who were send to put a lid on the whole disaster. This character switch was a very well thought out idea. Even the weaker and shorter Blue Shift didn't disappoint me. I just loved the whole story of HL so much that i welcomed the fact that i could see it from different angles. I simply thought it was brilliant. When Half-Life 2 came out i was blown away yet again. The story, the graphics, it didn't disappoint. But even though it surpasses the original in many ways the original Half-Life will still come above it for me. Purely because it all began there for me. Plus, i liked the soldiers better than the combine troops. Shepard will be back though, mark my words. ;) Looking forward to playing Black Mesa by the way. Half-Life source done properly. #2 The Curse of Monkey Island My love for point & click adventures started with this one. The first two i played when they remade them into special editions and they were just as good, if not better. Though the third monkey will always be my first monkey. Great artwork, hilarious dialog (Murray _O_ ) and challenging but very clever puzzles. Sadly Lucas Arts is no more and apart from their point & click adventures there's not much else out their that can even come close to their quality of humor and puzzles. Luckily their's still Telltale who still have their occasional high notes, and people like Ron Gilbert and Tim Shafer who are still active. #3 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion I've spend many hours exploring Tamriel, getting lost in it's wide and magical landscape, starting one quest and ending up in a cave somewhere with three more quest like a knight with ADHD. As a traveler i loved it. Any game that rewards you for going of the beaten track to explore does well in my book. Very impressive for a single player game. #4 Call of Duty 1 I've always been fascinated by WWII, especially with the many battles fought. Band of Brothers is still one of my favorite television series today and Infinity Ward really nailed the drama and suspense of this war and what BoB portrait of it right on the head with the first CoD and it's expansion United Offensive. In a sense it was a history lesson as well as a dramatic on rail shooter. I know Medal of Honor was their first, and even though they did a fine job as well they just didn't capture it as well as for me as Infinity Ward was able to. The online multiplayer back then was already pretty solid. #5 Battlefield 2 The only series i will waste hours of my life on in online multyplayer is Battlefield and that started with BF2. Don't know how i got in to it but i did and i just kept coming back for more. I do like my weaponry and there was enough of that to be found in BF2. Playing army, being part of a squad, tactically trying to secure a position, it does more for me than just going all out Rambo (though it can be fun at times) and BF did/does this well. Have been playing BF:BC2 in recent years, which comes close, but is just not quite as hardcore as the original series. I haven't played BF3 yet however, let alone BF4, so i can't say if i will be just as happy with them but it seems to look the part.
  8. Rev3Games (YouTube) Come on, Adam Sessler. Need i say more? Alright, the rest is so-so but again, Adam Sessler! Polaris (YouTube) Good set up, bite sized news, solid crew who know their stuff, the occasional podcast, and Dodger isn't bad to look at either. I like it. InsideGaming (YouTube) What?? They're funny. Northernlion (YouTube) Whenever i want to check out if a (new) Indie game is worth buying i check his channel for a playthrough video. Most of the time he has it. Plus, he has a calm and soothing voice unlike most of the screaming and yelling playthroughs you will find on youtube. FRANKIEonPCin1080p (YouTube) Another likable bloke who does playthroughs, though mostly of bigger PC games. I especially liked his DayZ videos. Had a big storytelling feel to it. And now TotalBiscuit as well. Cheers for the tip folks.
  9. The idea behind it seems solid enough, though i'd like to have a go with the thing myself first before i buy into it. Anyone still remember Microsoft's Siderwinder Dual Strike? Sounded great at the time as well but after trying it with a few shooters i was back on the keyboard and mouse within a day.
  10. Since playing the first Half-Life back in '98 i stuck to the PC when it comes to first person shooters. Sure there were some exceptions, like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and a few Halo's, but when it comes to a multi-platform release of a shooter it has always been the PC for me. For some reason i just don't find it comfortable aiming with that little right thumbstick, Makes me feel handicapped opposed to the accuracy and preciseness of a mouse. Anyways.. to me, when it comes to bad ports, it's mostly the (mouse) controls that would make it or break it for me. Dead Space , even though being a third person shooter , is a perfect example of this. I would have played it on the console but when i realized there was a PC version as well i immediately thought that aiming and dismembering would be a lot less stressing with a mouse. Boy was i wrong on that one. It basically felt like the mouse was one big frustrating thumbstick. In other words, a big bad port in my book. Just a one on one money grabbing port. And that's what it comes down to obviously. Many developers/publishers nowadays would like to make or save some extra money by bringing their title out on PC as well while keeping the conversion as simple and cheap as possible. Rockstar North being a good example of this. Every GTA after GTA 2 that has come out on PC thus far has felt like a straight port to PC to me. There is no denying it, the evidence is all there. Poor controls, poorly optimized and unstable. People are begging for GTA IV to come to the PC. Well i ain't one of 'em because i already know what the end result is going to be like. But these are third person shooters, GTA even having auto aim and including more elements than just shooting, so i'm not too fussed about playing them on a console. What does grind my gears however is when something like the first Bioshock comes along (an FPS i have to play on the PC), and even though being an epic adventure, has a frustratingly controller'esk feel to it. I don't care what you say, that game has been designed for the consoles and then optimized for the PC. And this , unfortunately , has been happening to a lot of shooters in recent years. Some being worse off than others. Bioshock hasn't left a great impression on me in that sence, as goes for Halo 2. Crysis 2 was alright, but was compared to the first Crysis quite a step back. Luckily it's not all bad when it comes to multi platform releases in the FPS genre. Valve still does a good job in making sure the PC version of a game actually feels like a PC game. Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead, Portal, they all work great on PC. Just like multi platform titles Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare. Same game across all the platforms, but it felt like a genuine PC title on the PC.
  11. Give it time, i'd say they're working on it. It's already a big step up from their first generation SSHD's. The Momentus series wasn't it? Nonetheless, I was impressed with the performance of their new SSHD drives, but passed because i too found 8gb of cache a bit on the tight side, even though it works. When a 32gb version comes along i'm in.
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